DVDnet Agent.

What is it?
The DVDnet agent is a tiny app that resides in your system tray and polls DVDnet every so often to check for any recent news or review items posted to the site. It is very basic in its initial form and can only get cooler from here. For a more detailed look at what the app is, check out the online help file.

The application is still in beta form and we would appreciate any comments, feedback and suggestions on the app.

Whilst the application has been tested to the best of our abilities, we are not responsible for any loss you may incur if the application fails. If you have any issues when running the application please let us know the details such as OS, CPU, memory and anything else that you may feel is relevant. We don't envisage that there will be drastic problems but we still need to make mention of it 'just in case'.

How to download?
It's too simple. There are currently 3 files available, the executable itself, the Microsoft Installer and a setup executable. Running the executable itself is fine but we prefer you to use one of the installers as they go about adding an entry in the startup directory as well as your "Add/Remove Programs" list for later uninstalling.

Whilst the app is pretty self explanatory, we thought we'd give you this help file to make the button in the configuration windows do something too. :)

  The Agent Itself The Microsoft Installer (with Agent) The Setup Executable

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DVDnet Agent MSI (254k)

DVDnet agent setup executable (313k)

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