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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Special Extended Edition
Easter eggs

  • Hidden preview for The Two Towers
    On disc 2, head for the Scene Selection menu and navigate to the page where the listing for chapter 48 (the "official fan club credits") is. Press the "down" directional key and you'll reveal a little silhouette of two towers. Press enter for the 3 and a half minute preview of The Two Towers that was originally included at the end of screenings of the first film. A short introduction from Peter Jackson is also included.
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan, Peter Bannon

  • Hidden MTV Movie Awards Parody
    On disc 1, head for the Scene Selection menu, navigate to the final page, and highlight the "Council of Elrond" scene listing. Then press the "down" directional button to reveal a ring. Hit enter and you'll see the brilliantly-done parody of the Council scene made by MTV for their Movie Awards, and starring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar in amongst footage from the original film. Peter Jackson provides a quick intro.
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan, Peter Bannon

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