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Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut
Easter eggs

  • Hidden featurette
    - On disc three, go into the 'Visual Effects' menu, highlight "Main Menu" and press right to reveal a red star.
    - Press 'enter' for a 22-minute featurette about ILM's visual effects work for the film.
    Submitted by: Ben Gourlay, Rethuan

  • Hidden credits
    - On disc three, highlight 'Supplement Part One Index' then move right on the main menu.
    - A small star should appear, press 'enter'.
    Submitted by: Ben Gourlay, Rethuan

  • Hidden featurette
    - On disc one, either:
    a: select 'set up', go to the bottom bar and select the left position or...
    b: Highlight 'audio commentaries' and press left or...
    c: Highlight 'languages' and press down.
    - This will highlight a small star. Press 'enter' for a short look at the differences between widescreen and pan and scan.
    Submitted by: Ben Gourlay, Steven Wong, Rethuan

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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