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Star Wars - Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Easter eggs

  • Alternate menu themes
    - To select one of three different, usually randomly chosen menu themes, press the '1', '2' or '3' key during the warning screen that appears on starting the disc.

    Submitted by: Jason Mack

  • Hidden photo gallery
    - On Disc 2, make your way to 'Dex's Kitchen'.
    - Highlight 'Main Menu' then press the left directional button to highlight a panel on the wall behind Dex.
    - Press 'enter' for a gallery of advertisements...

    Submitted by: We had SO many people submit this one in a short period of time that it seems unfair to single any one person out. Thankyou to everybody who made the effort! :)

  • Credits/Bloopers
    - On Disc 1, start the movie playing.
    - Select Title 15 (not Chapter 15) using your remote, usually the 10+ button followed by the 5.
    - This will play 2:24 minutes of credits with bloopers interspersed.

    Submitted by: Terry Kemp

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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