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Blue Velvet
Easter eggs

  • Hidden Excuse For Doing The Chicken Walk
    Go to the first Scene Selection screen (depicting chapters 1-4) and highlight the "back" arrow in the bottom right corner. Now press the "up" directional button and you'll see a white asterisk. Press "enter" for an interview clip where Kyle McLachlan discusses his infamous "chicken walk".
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan

  • Hidden Interview Footage
    Head for the chapter list for the "Mysteries Of Love" documentary (off the Special Features menu), and highlight the first chapter title, "Origins". Then press the "left" directional key. You'll see a silhouette of a rose. Press "enter" and you'll get a short interview clip with Isabella Rossellini discussing accusations that the movie has mysoginist overtones.
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan

  • Hidden Plug For The Joys Of McDonalds
    In the Special Features menu, highlight "Mysteries Of Love - Documentary" and then press the "left" directional button. You'll see the silhouette of Dorothy's microphone from the Slow Club. Press "enter". You'll get a short interview clip with David Lynch talking about his passion for McDonalds!
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan

  • Hidden Interview Clip
    On the main menu, highlight "Special Features" and then press the "up" button. A silhouette of a white picket fence will appear. Hit "enter" and you can watch a 90-second interview clip with cinematographer Frederick Elmes telling the amusing story of the hopelessly artificial robin at the end of the movie.
    Submitted by: Anthony Horan

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