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David Bowie - Best of Bowie
Easter eggs

  • Hidden MTV Video of "Blue Jean"
    An egg within an egg. You'll need to be watching the easter egg for the full-length "Jazzin' For Blue Jean" video (see separate instructions on how to find this). When Bowie appears on the television screen within the video, as the love interest watches on, press "Enter".
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Alternative Version "Oh, You Pretty Things"
    There are two versions of "Oh, You Pretty Things". One can be seen by selecting the "Play All" option, and the other by selecting the song from the Tracklisting menu.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Hidden Video "Day-In, Day-Out (Remix)"
    The "Day-In, Day-Out (Remix)" option will appear every second time you select "Day-In, Day-Out" from the tracklisting menu.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Hidden Video "Miracle Goodnight"
    Load Disc 2. Go to Tracklisting and do nothing. After 5 minutes, the video will play automatically.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • "Seven Years in Tibet" Mandarin version
    From Tracklising, select "Seven Years in Tibet". A Mandarin text subtitle will appear on the title screen, Press 'Enter'.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Hidden Video "Survive"
    Load Disc 2 and select Play All. Fast forward through the entire disc. The Main Menu will eventually be displayed again. Choose Play All again. The title the disc selects should be Title 02 instead of Title 01. Fast forward again through all videos and the live video for "Survivor" will appear after "Thursday's Child" so be ready to slow down to normal speed!
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Advert for Ziggy DVD
    A still advert for the upcoming DVD release can be found on Disc 1. Go to tracklisting and navigate to the track "Ziggy Stardust". There is a give-away lightning bolt already showing next to the track name so navigate left and it will highlight. Press 'Enter'.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Interview
    A short 1973 interview with Russell Harty can be found on Disc 1. Navigate to tracklisting then scroll down to the track 'Drive-in Saturday' and navigate left. A small _ will appear next to the track name. Press 'Enter'.
    Submitted by: Terry K

  • Jazzin' For Blue Jean
    The full 20+ minute Blue Jean video can be found by navigating to the Tracklisting menu of Disc 1, scroll down to Blue Jean and navigate left. A ) will appear, then press 'Enter' and the Pic of the Blue Jean clip will highlight. Navigate left again and it will play.
    Submitted by: Terry K

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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