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Easter eggs

  • Hidden Short Clips
    CLIP 1.
    Go to the Extra Features section, click left on your remote which will reveal a ships steering wheel, click Enter and enjoy a very brief clip of the dastardly Cyclops thumb sliding past screen as the ship sinks.
    CLIP 2.
    Play the Godthumb trailer, and at the very end a very short clip will play from another Thumbation film. Kinda looks like Elvis from Roustabout, but, seeing as the clip lasts for about 3 seconds, and it has a thumb with some kind of metal robot for a companion, I could be wrong. Real wrong.
    Please direct all complaints to oederkerk@thumbs'R'us.com, not DVDnet.
    Submitted by: Capt. Vincent the Magnificent of DVDnet

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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