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Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines: CE
Easter eggs

  • Hidden Character Features
    - Go to the Skynet Database and select any one of the following:
    Human Central Archive: John Conner, Kate Brewster or General Robert Brewster
    Artificial Intelligence Interface: Series 850-Model 101: Infiltration Unit, T-X "Terminator", T-1 Area and Ground Assult Vehicles or Hunter-Killer Units.
    - When the usual feature for the character begins, press the Right button once, then Up once.
    - A video in the top right corner will be highlighted.
    - Press Play.
    - A short Behind-The-Scenes feature for that character will begin.

    Note: Kyle Reese, Sarah Conner and T-1000 do not have these features.

    Submitted by: David Lee

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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