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Casper: SE
Easter eggs

  • Casper's Treasure
    To find Casper's Treasure Chest, you need to find 5 Treasures hidden through the menus.
    1. Menu: Casper's Playroom

    2. - Highlight any menu option
      - Push Right
      - Push Enter
    3. Menu: DVD ROM Features

    4. - Push Left
      - Push Enter
    5. Menu: Bonus - Page 1

    6. - Highlight any menu option
      - Push Left
      - Push Enter
    7. Menu: Languages

    8. - Highlight any menu option
      - Push Left
      - Push Enter
    9. Menu: Scenes - Page 1

    10. - Highlight the Return icon (bottom right icon)
      - Push Right
      - Push Enter
    This will then take you to a 30 second musical interlude which has been taken from the ending of the film.

    Submitted by: Marty Friedel

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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