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Staff Member  Review Title
Terry Kemp   A Beautiful Mind 
Shaun Bennett   A Better Way To Die 
Jules Faber   A Bridge Too Far: SE 
Vince Carrozza   A Bronx Tale 
Steve Koukoulas   A Bug's Life 
Amy Flower   A Bug's Life: CE dts 
Amy Flower   A Change of Seasons 
Rebecca Taylor  NEW  A Cinderella Story 
Anthony Horan   A Clockwork Orange (Remastered) 
Anthony Horan   A Few Good Men - 10th Anniversary CE 
Paul Dossett   A Fish Called Wanda 
Amy Flower   A Fish Called Wanda: SE 
Anthony Clarke  NEW  A Fistful of Dollars (Sony) dts 
Anthony Clarke   A Heart In Winter 
Jules Faber   A King in New York: SE 
Vince Carrozza   A Knight's Tale 
Terry Kemp   A Ma Soeur! (Rental) 
Adrian Turvey   A Man Apart 
Anthony Horan   A Man For All Seasons 
Martin Friedel   A Midsummer Night's Dream 
Steve Koukoulas   A Night At Roxbury 
Amy Flower   A Night Out - Live at the Basement 
Paul Dossett   A Night To Remember 
Terry Kemp   A Night in Casablanca 
Anthony Clarke   A Reggae Session 
Jules Faber   A River Runs Through It 
Anthony Clarke   A Room With A View 
Anthony Clarke   A Shot in the Dark 
Paul Dossett   A Simple Plan 
Terry Kemp   A Simple Twist of Fate 
Terry Kemp   A Time For Drunken Horses 
Terry Kemp   A Tribute to Leiber and Stoller 
Terry Kemp   A Tribute to Rick Nelson 
Jules Faber   A Troll in Central Park 
Martin Friedel   A Walk to Remember 
Jules Faber   A Woman of Paris: SE 
Jules Faber   A Zed and Two Noughts 
Terry Kemp   A-Ha - Homecoming: Live at Vallhall 
Rebecca Taylor   A-Team - Season 1 
Anthony Horan   A.I.: Artificial Intelligence 
Amy Flower   ABBA - Definitive Collection 
Anthony Clarke   AFL - Fabulous Grand Finals Of Sixties - League Teams 
Amy Flower   AFL - Heart of the Game: 40 Years of Football on Television 
Amy Flower   AFL - Miracle Marks & Golden Goals 
Amy Flower   AFL - Rockin' Footy 
Steve Koukoulas   AFL - St Kilda: Winning Streak 2004 
Adrian Turvey   AFL Collingwood - Wall to Wall 
Anthony Clarke   AFL Essendon - Wall to Wall 
Amy Flower   AFL Richmond - Fighting Fury 
Terry Kemp   AFL St. Kilda - Heaven & Hell 
Terry Kemp   AFL St. Kilda - Wall to Wall 
Terry Kemp   AFL West Coast Eagles - Wall to Wall 
Anthony Horan   Abandon 
Jules Faber   About Schmidt dts 
Amy Flower   About a Boy 
Amy Flower   About a Boy (Rental) 
Vince Carrozza   Absence Of Good 
Martin Friedel   Absolute Power 
Amy Flower   Absolutely Fabulous - Last Shout 
Amy Flower   Absolutely Fabulous - Series 1 
Amy Flower   Absolutely Fabulous - Series 2 
Amy Flower   Absolutely Fabulous - Series 3 
Amy Flower   Absolutely Fabulous - Series 4 
Adrian Turvey   Absolutely Fabulous - Series 5 
Paul Dossett   Accidental Hero 
Vince Carrozza   Accidental Spy (Rental) 
Terry Kemp   According to Spencer 
Gavin Turner   Ace Lightning - Episodes 1-7 
Amy Flower   Ace Ventura - Pet Detective 
Martin Friedel   Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls 
Anthony Clarke   Aces High 
Jules Faber   Action Jackson 
Jules Faber   Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights 
Amy Flower   Adaptation 
Paul Dossett   Adventures Of Baron Munchausen 
Steve Koukoulas   Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures Of Tintin - 75th Anniversary Collection 
Vince Carrozza   Adventures of Ford Fairlane 
Jules Faber   Adventures of Pinocchio 
Amy Flower   Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert: 10th Anniversary CE dts 
Amy Flower   Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 1 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 3 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 4 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 5 
Anthony Clarke   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 8 
Martin Friedel   Affair of the Necklace 
Ben Pollock   Afro-Cuban Legends 
Martin Friedel   After Sex 
Anthony Bethell   After Sunset 
Steve Koukoulas   Against All Odds - CE 
Anthony Clarke   Agatha Christie's Poirot - Death on the Nile 
Anthony Clarke   Agatha Christie's Poirot - Five Little Pigs 
Anthony Clarke   Agatha Christie's Poirot - Hollow 
Anthony Clarke   Agatha Christie's Poirot - Sad Cypress 
Jules Faber   Agent Cody Banks: SE 
Jules Faber   Agnes of God 
Vince Carrozza   Air Bud - Seventh Inning Fetch (Rental) 
Martin Friedel   Air Up There 
Gavin Turner   Airheads 
Michael Chappell   Akira 
Anthony Horan   Alanis Morissette - Feast on Scraps 
Steve Koukoulas   Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Live 
Anthony Clarke   Albert King - Live in Sweden 
Adrian Turvey   Alejandro Sanz - El Alma Al Aire Live 
Jules Faber   Alex & Emma 
Shaun Bennett   Alexander Nevsky 
Jules Faber   Alexandra's Project 
Terry Kemp   Alexandra's Project (Rental) 
Amy Flower   Alfred Hitchcock Collection 1 
Amy Flower   Alfred Hitchcock Collection 2 
Adrian Turvey   Ali dts 
Gavin Turner   Ali Baba 
Gavin Turner   Ali Baba and the Pirates 
Terry Kemp   Ali G - Aiii 
Robert Mack   Ali G Indahouse 
Gavin Turner   Ali G Indahouse (Rental) 
Robert Mack   Ali G, Innit. 
Anthony Horan   Alias - Complete First Season 
Andrew MacLennan   Alice Cooper - Brutally Live dts 
Terry Kemp   Alice Cooper - Prime Cuts 
Amy Flower   Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare 
Nathan Clark   Alice In Chains: Music Bank - Videos 
Martin Friedel   Alice In Wonderland 
Jules Faber   Alien 3: CE 
Jules Faber   Alien Hunter 
Tony Lai   Alien Nation 
Jules Faber   Alien Quadrilogy dts 
Jules Faber   Alien Resurrection: CE dts 
Chris Hore   Alien vs. Predator dts 
Jules Faber   Alien: CE dts 
Jules Faber   Aliens: CE 
Robert Mack   Aliens: SE 
Jules Faber   Alison Krauss + Union Station - Live dts 
Amy Flower   Alison Moyet - Essential 
Anthony Clarke   Alistair Cooke's America 
Amy Flower   All About Eve 
Vince Carrozza   All About the Benjamins (Rental) dts 
Anthony Clarke   All Creatures Great & Small - Series 1 Volume 1 
Anthony Clarke   All Creatures Great & Small - Series 1 Volume 2 
Anthony Clarke   All Creatures Great And Small - Series 2: Vol. 1 
Anthony Clarke   All Creatures Great And Small - Series 2: Vol. 2 
Adrian Turvey   All Over the Guy 
Martin Friedel   All Pretty Horses 
Tony Lai   All Saints - Videos 
Vince Carrozza   All of Me 
Vince Carrozza   All the King's Men 
Jules Faber   All the Real Girls (Rental) 
Jules Faber   All the Right Moves 
Amy Flower   Ally McBeal - Season 1 
Rebecca Taylor   Ally McBeal - Season 1: Part 1 
Rebecca Taylor   Ally McBeal - Season 1: Part 2 
Rebecca Taylor   Ally McBeal - Season 2: Part 1 
Rebecca Taylor   Ally McBeal - Season 2: Part 2 
Anthony Horan   Almost Famous 
Jules Faber   Along Came Polly dts 
Terry Kemp   Altered States 
Anthony Horan   Amadeus - DC 
Amy Flower   Amazon Women on the Moon 
Amy Flower   Amelie 
Amy Flower   America's Sweethearts 
Peter O'Connor   America: A Tribute to Heroes 
Anthony Horan   American Beauty 
Jules Faber   American Flyers 
Jules Faber   American Gun 
Adrian Turvey   American Outlaws (Rental) 
Steve Koukoulas   American Pie - CE 
Nick Watts   American Pie - Threesome 
Adrian Turvey   American Pie - Wedding 
Gavin Turner   American Pie 1 & 2: Ultimate Collector’s Pack dts 
Gavin Turner   American Pie 2: CE dts 
Steve Koukoulas   American President 
Vince Carrozza   American Psycho 
Nathan Clark   American Psycho 2 
Jules Faber   American Splendor 
Tony Lai   Amistad 
Anthony Horan   Amityville 3 - Demon (Amityville 3-D) 
Gavin Turner   Amores Perros 
Amy Flower   An Affair to Remember 
Jules Faber   An All Dogs Christmas Carol 
Amy Flower   An American Werewolf In London - 20th Anniversary Edition 
Terry Kemp   An American Werewolf in Paris 
Adrian Turvey   An Audience With Billy Connolly 
Jules Faber   An Eye for an Eye 
Jules Faber   An Irish Christmas dts 
Anthony Clarke   Ana Torroja & Miguel Bose - Girados en Concierto 
Chris Hore   Anacondas - Hunt For Blood Orchid 
Vince Carrozza   Analyze That 
Steve Koukoulas   Analyze This 
Anthony Clarke   And Then There Were None 
Jules Faber   Andersonville 
Adrian Turvey   Andrew Lloyd Webber - Masterpiece dts 
Anthony Clarke   Andromeda 1.11 
Robert Mack   Andromeda 1.9 
Anthony Clarke   Andromeda 2.1 
Vince Carrozza   Andromeda 2.2 
Vince Carrozza   Andromeda 2.3 
Vince Carrozza   Andromeda 2.4 
Amy Flower   Angel - Season 1 - Volume 1 
Amy Flower   Angel - Season 1 - Volume 2 
Amy Flower   Angel - Season 2 - Volume 1 
Rebecca Taylor   Angel - Season 5 
Martin Friedel   Angel Eyes 
Terry Kemp   Angel Heart 
Terry Kemp   Angel and the Badman 
Anthony Clarke   Angela 
Jules Faber   Angelic Layer 1 - Divine Inspiration 
Jules Faber   Angelina Ballerina - Show Must Go On 
Nick Watts   Angels in America 
Amy Flower   Anger Management 
Jules Faber   Angry Kid - Season One and Two DVD Collection 
Vince Carrozza   Animal 
Gavin Turner   Animal Factory 
Gavin Turner   Animal House 
Jules Faber   Animal House - 25th Anniversary Edition 
Gavin Turner   Animatrix 
Anthony Horan   Anna and the King 
Martin Friedel   Anne Murray's What a Wonderful World 
Jules Faber   Annie (1999) 
Anthony Horan   Anniversary Party 
Jules Faber   Another You 
Jules Faber   Antwone Fisher 
Vince Carrozza   Antwone Fisher (Rental) 
Paul Dossett   Antz 
Vince Carrozza   Any Given Sunday 
Nathan Clark   Any Which Way You Can 
Michael Chappell   Anywhere But Here 
Terry Kemp   Anzacs 
Peter O'Connor   Apartment 
Anthony Horan   Apocalypse Now Redux 
Tristan Lutze   Are You Being Served? - Best Of Early Years 
Jules Faber   Argentosoma 1 - Another Reality 
Gavin Turner   Arjuna 1 - Rebirth 
Gavin Turner   Armitage Dual Matrix 
Anthony Bethell  NEW  Armour Of God - Special CE 
Anthony Clarke   Around the World in 80 Days: SE 
Rebecca Taylor   Arrested Development - Season 1 
Terry Kemp   Art Garfunkel - Across America 
Anthony Horan   Art Of Piano 
Peter O'Connor   Art Pepper - Notes From A Jazz Survivor 
Anthony Clarke   Art of Conducting - Great Conductors of the Past 
Anthony Clarke   Art of Conducting - Legendary Conductors of a Golden Era 
Tony Lai   Art of Violin 
Tony Lai   Art of War 
Steve Koukoulas   As Good As It Gets 
Adrian Turvey   As Time Goes By - Series One & Two 
Jules Faber   Assassination Tango (Rental) 
Vince Carrozza   Assassins 
Vince Carrozza   Assault on Precinct 13 
Jules Faber   Associate 
Steve Koukoulas   Astro Boy Deluxe Collection Tin 
Amy Flower   Astronaut's Wife 
Rod Williams   At First Sight 
Jules Faber   At the Earth's Core 
Jules Faber   Atlantis II - Milo's Return 
Martin Friedel   Atomic Kitten - Right Here Right Now Live dts 
Terry Kemp   Attack on the Queen (Rental) 
Terry Kemp   Attic - Hiding of Anne Frank 
Terry Kemp   Attila the Hun 
Martin Friedel   Attraction (Rental) 
Anthony Horan   Auggie Rose 
Anthony Horan   Aussies Never Looked So Good 
Mark Pakula   Austin Powers - SE 
Steve Koukoulas   Austin Powers 2 - Spy Who Shagged Me 
Amy Flower   Austin Powers in Goldmember dts 
Anthony Horan   Australia Eye of the Storm 
Amy Flower   Australia's Ultimate Songs 
Jules Faber   Australian Rules 
Amy Flower   Australian Rules (Rental) 
Ben Pollock   Australians at War 
Terry Kemp   Auto Focus: CE 
Anthony Horan   Autumn in New York 
Jules Faber   Avalon (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Avengers - 1967 Box Set 
Anthony Bethell   Aviator - 2-Disc Edition 
Michael Sammut   Awakening 
Andrew MacLennan   Awakenings 

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