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Staff Member  Review Title
Gavin Turner   GTO 1 - Great Teacher Onizuka 
Gavin Turner   GTO 3 - Outcasts 
Martin Friedel   Gadjo Dilo 
Paul Dossett   Galaxy Quest 
Gavin Turner   Galgameth 
Anthony Bethell   Gallipoli - Anniversary Edition 
Rod Williams   Game 
Adrian Turvey   Gamma Ray - Heading for the East 
Adrian Turvey   Gamma Ray - Lust for Live 
Anthony Horan   Gangs of New York dts 
Anthony Horan   Garage Days (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Gardening Australia - Cottage Gardens With Patch From Scratch 
Anthony Clarke   Gardening Australia - Roses With Open Gardens 
Jules Faber   Gardens of Stone 
Chris Hore   Garfield - Movie 
Adrian Turvey   Gary Numan - Berserker 
Gavin Turner   Gasaraki 1 - Summoning 
Gavin Turner   Gasaraki 2 - Circle Opens 
Anthony Clarke   Gaslight 
Tony Lai   Gate 
Jules Faber   Gathering Storm 
Steve Koukoulas   Gattaca 
Anthony Clarke   Gene Vincent - At 'Town Hall Party' 
Shaun Bennett   General 
Anthony Clarke  NEW  General (Buster Keaton) 
Tony Lai   General's Daughter 
Nathan Clark   Genesis - Way We Walk - Live In Concert 
Shaun Bennett   Genesis Songbook 
Vince Carrozza   Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 
Terry Kemp   George & Mildred - Complete Series 1 
Anthony Horan   George - Polyserena in Bloom 
Michael Chappell   George Benson dts 
Terry Kemp   George Thorogood & the Destroyers - Live in '99 
Amy Flower   George of the Jungle 2 
Jules Faber   Geppetto 
Jules Faber   Geronimo 
Vince Carrozza   Get Carter (2000) 
Steve Koukoulas   Get Shorty 
Anthony Horan   Get Well Soon 
Rod Williams   Getaway 
Martin Friedel   Getaway Volume 1 - To the Sun 
Terry Kemp   Getaway Volume 2 - New Zealand 
Terry Kemp   Getaway Volume 3 - Viva Italia 
Adrian Turvey   Gettin' Square: CE 
Anthony Horan   Getting There 
Jules Faber   Gettysburg 
Adrian Turvey   Ghost Ship 
Terry Kemp   Ghost and the Darkness 
Steve Koukoulas   Ghostbusters - CE 
Steve Koukoulas   Ghostbusters 2 
Vince Carrozza   Ghosts of Mars 
Adrian Turvey   Giant: SE 
Anthony Horan   Gift 
Jules Faber   Gigli 
Ben Pollock   Gil Scott Heron - Tales of Gil 
Paul Dossett   Gilda 
Anthony Clarke   Gilligan's Island - Complete First Season 
Terry Kemp   Gimme Gimme Gimme - Complete First Series 
Vince Carrozza   Girl Next Door 
Chris Hore   Girl Next Door - Uncut Version 
Anthony Clarke   Girl With a Pearl Earring 
Anthony Horan   Girl on the Bridge 
Shaun Bennett   Giselle: Kirov Ballet 
Jules Faber   Gladiator (Superbit) 
Steve Koukoulas   Gladiator: CE dts 
Amy Flower   Glam Rock - DVD dts 
Martin Friedel   Gleaners and I 
Jules Faber   Glen Campbell - Live in Concert 
Amy Flower   Glen Campbell in Concert 
Anthony Clarke   Glenn Miller Story 
Nathan Clark   Glimmer Man 
Adrian Turvey   Gloria Estefan - Everlasting Gloria! 
Paul Dossett   Glory 
Shaun Bennett   Glory of the Bolshoi 
Shaun Bennett   Glory of the Kirov 
Vince Carrozza   Glow (Rental) 
Steve Koukoulas   Go - Deluxe CE 
Amy Flower   Go-Go's - Live in Central Park dts 
Anthony Clarke   Godfathers And Sons (Blues Film Collection) 
Anthony Clarke   Gods Must Be Crazy 
Anthony Clarke   Gods Must Be Crazy II 
Anthony Clarke   Gods Must Be Crazy: Ultimate Collector's Pack 
Vince Carrozza   Gods and Generals 
Anthony Horan   Gods and Monsters 
Anthony Horan   Godsmack Live dts 
Gavin Turner   Godthumb 
Steve Koukoulas   Godzilla 
Shaun Bennett   Gogs - Complete Collection 
Anthony Horan   Golden Bowl (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Golden Days - British Invasion Versus the San Francisco Sound 
Jules Faber   Golden Voyage of Sinbad 
Amy Flower   Goldeneye - SE 
Gavin Turner   Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
Gavin Turner   Golgo 13 - Professional 
Tony Lai   Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) 
Anthony Clarke   Gone With Wind - SE 
Tony Lai   Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) 
Jules Faber   Good Advice 
Jules Faber   Good Girl (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Good Life - Series 1 
Terry Kemp   Good Rockin' Tonight - Legacy of Sun Records 
Nick Watts   Goodbye Lenin! 
Jules Faber   Goodbye Mr Chips (1939) 
Jules Faber   Goodbye Mr Chips (2002) 
Nick Watts   Goodfellas - SE 
Amy Flower   Goodies - 8 Delicious Episodes 
Anthony Clarke   Goodies - Vol. 2: A Tasty Second Helping 
Steve Koukoulas   Goonies 
Terry Kemp   Gorillas in the Mist 
Robert Mack   Gosford Park 
Amy Flower   Gossip 
Nick Watts   Gothika 
Tony Lai   Grace Knight - Live at the Basement 
Anthony Clarke   Graduate 
Amy Flower   Graham Kennedy - King of Television 
Michael Chappell   Grand Canyon 
Anthony Clarke   Grand Hotel 
Anthony Horan   Grass 
Steve Koukoulas   Grateful Dead - From Anthem to Beauty 
Jules Faber   Grave of the Fireflies 
Chris Hore   Gravion - Volume 1 
Terry Kemp   Great Comedy Moments 
Gavin Turner   Great Commanders 1 
Gavin Turner   Great Commanders 2 
Anthony Horan   Great Composers - Bach - Mozart 
Anthony Horan   Great Composers - Beethoven - Wagner 
Anthony Horan   Great Composers - Tchaikovsky - Puccini - Mahler 
Jules Faber   Great Dictator: SE 
Paul Dossett   Great Escape 
Terry Kemp   Great Escape: SE 
Anthony Horan   Great Expectations 
Amy Flower   Great Race 
Anthony Clarke   Great St. Trinians Train Robbery 
Jamie Scott   Great Tenors Performances 
Adrian Turvey   Great Wildlife Moments 
Anthony Clarke   Great Ziegfeld 
Peter O'Connor   Green Day - International Supervideos 
Terry Kemp   Green Dragon 
Jules Faber   Green Eggs & Ham and Other Favourites 
Anthony Clarke   Green Man / School For Scoundrels 
Amy Flower   Gregory's Girl 
Anthony Clarke   Greystoke - Legend Of Tarzan 
Vince Carrozza   Gridlock'd 
Jules Faber   Grifters 
Jules Faber   Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat 
Amy Flower   Grinch: CE dts 
Adrian Turvey   Grinspoon - 23 Hours of Waiting Around 
Jules Faber   Groomsmen 
Anthony Horan   Groove 
Paul Dossett   Groundhog Day 
Anthony Bethell   Grudge (2004) 
Terry Kemp   Guadalcanal Diary 
Martin Friedel   Guardian 
Amy Flower   Guarding Tess 
Peter O'Connor   Guilty By Suspicion 
Anthony Clarke   Gumboots 
Anthony Clarke   Gunfighter 
Tony Lai   Gunsmith Cats - Bulletproof! 
Anthony Clarke   Gunston Tapes 
Martin Friedel   Guru dts 
Martin Friedel   Guru (Rental) dts 
Peter O'Connor   Gypsy 

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