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Staff Member  Review Title
Andrew MacLennan   L/R - Licenced By Royalty: Mission File 1 - Deceptions 
Amy Flower   La Bamba - CE 
Jamie Scott   La Bayadere 
Anthony Clarke   La Dolce Vita 
Terry Kemp   La Spagnola 
Anthony Clarke   La Strada 
Anthony Clarke   Lady Chatterley's Lover 
Anthony Clarke   Lady Day, Many Faces of Billie Holiday 
Anthony Horan   Ladyhawke 
Anthony Clarke   Ladykillers 
Tony Lai   Lain: Volume 1 - Navi 
Adrian Turvey   Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water 
Ben Pollock   Land Before Time VIII: Big Freeze 
Anthony Horan   Lantana 
Anthony Horan   Lantana (Rental) 
Nick Watts   Laputa: Castle in the Sky 
Amy Flower   Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 
Steve Koukoulas   Last Action Hero 
Vince Carrozza   Last Castle 
Anthony Clarke   Last Emperor 
Jules Faber   Last Exile 1 - First Move 
Anthony Horan   Last Exit To Brooklyn 
Jules Faber   Last Game: DC 
Anthony Clarke   Last Goon Show Of All 
Jules Faber   Last Kiss 
Rob Pascale   Last Man Standing 
Michael Chappell   Last Of Mohicans 
Terry Kemp   Last Orders 
Steve Koukoulas   Last Ride 
Chris Hore   Last Samurai 
Tony Lai   Last Seduction 
Anthony Horan   Last Temptation of Christ 
Anthony Clarke   Last Waltz: SE 
Jules Faber   Last of the Mississippi Dukes dts 
Terry Kemp   Later... Legends 
Amy Flower   Later... Louder 
Adrian Turvey   Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 
Anthony Clarke   Lavender Hill Mob 
Rebecca Taylor  NEW  Law & Order - Criminal Intent - Season 1 
Rebecca Taylor  NEW  Law & Order - SVU - Season 1 
Vince Carrozza   Law & Order - Season 1 
Rebecca Taylor  NEW  Law & Order - Season 2 
Jules Faber   Lawrence of Arabia (Superbit) dts 
Paul Dossett   Lawrence of Arabia - CE 
Jules Faber   Le Divorce 
Gavin Turner   Le Tour De France - 2003 Highlights 
Steve Koukoulas   League Of Their Own, A - CE 
Terry Kemp   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: SE dts 
Anthony Clarke   League of Gentlemen - Christmas Special 
Amy Flower   League of Gentlemen - Entire First Series 
Amy Flower   League of Gentlemen - Entire Second Series 
Terry Kemp   League of Gentlemen - Entire Third Series 
Amy Flower   Lean On Me 
Terry Kemp   Learning Guitar For Dummies 
Terry Kemp   Led Zeppelin - DVD dts 
Michael Chappell   Lee Ritenour and Friends - Live from the Cocoanut Grove 
Nathan Clark   Legal Eagles 
Amy Flower   Legally Blonde 
Jules Faber   Legally Blonde 2 - Red White & Blonde 
Terry Kemp   Legend of Bagger Vance 
Michael Chappell   Legend of Bagger Vance (Rental) 
Martin Friedel   Legend of Drunken Master 
Anthony Clarke   Legendary Sherlock Holmes 
Anthony Clarke   Legends of New Orleans: Music of Fats Domino 
Terry Kemp   Legends of Rock'n'Roll 
Anthony Clarke   Legends of Steam - Flying Scotsman 
Anthony Horan   Legends of the Fall - CE 
Amy Flower   Lenny Kravitz - Lenny Live 
Terry Kemp   Leo Sayer: One Night in Sydney - Live at the Basement 
Anthony Clarke   Leopard - SE 
Martin Friedel   Les Miserables (1978) 
Anthony Horan   Less Than Zero 
Terry Kemp   Let Them Eat Cake - Complete Series 
Anthony Horan   Let's Get Skase 
Anthony Clarke   Let's Make Love 
Steve Koukoulas   Lethal Weapon 
Amy Flower   Lethal Weapon - DC 
Amy Flower   Lethal Weapon 2 - DC 
Amy Flower   Lethal Weapon 3 - DC 
Amy Flower   Leunig Animated: CE 
Terry Oberg   Liam 
Martin Friedel   Liar Liar: SE dts 
Terry Kemp   Liberace - Leapin' Lizards it's Liberace 
Amy Flower   Liberace - Valentine's Day 
Jules Faber   Liberty Heights 
Ben Pollock   Liberty Stands Still 
Amy Flower   Licence to Kill - SE 
Jules Faber   Liebestraum 
Peter O'Connor   Lies 
Steve Koukoulas   Life - CE 
Anthony Clarke   Life And Death Of Peter Sellers 
Terry Kemp   Life As a House dts 
Anthony Clarke   Life With Judy Garland - Me and My Shadows 
Anthony Horan   Life in the Freezer 
Gavin Turner   Life of Birds 
Anthony Clarke   Life of Brian 
Adrian Turvey   Life of David Gale 
Adrian Turvey   Life or Something Like It (Rental) 
Jules Faber   Life-Size 
Jules Faber   Like Mike 
Ben Pollock   Lil Horrors: Volume 1 - Spacemen Cometh 
Anthony Horan   Lilith Fair - A Celebration Of Women In Music 
Amy Flower   Lilo & Stitch 
Jules Faber   Limelight: SE 
Adrian Turvey   Linda Green - Complete First Series 
Jules Faber   Link 
Nathan Clark   Linkin Park - Frat Party at the Pankake Festival 
Steve Koukoulas   Lion King 2: Simba's Pride 
Jules Faber   Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata 
Jules Faber   Lion King: SE dts 
Anthony Clarke   Lion in Winter 
Steve Koukoulas   Lionheart: Jesse Martin Story 
Rebecca Taylor   Little Black Book 
Anthony Clarke   Little Britain - Complete First Series 
Jules Faber   Little City 
Amy Flower   Little Nicky dts 
Jules Faber   Little Polar Bear 
Jules Faber   Little Robots - Robot Race Day 
Paul Dossett   Little Shop of Horrors (1960) 
Anthony Clarke   Little Shop of Horrors (1986) 
Ben Pollock   Little Vampire 
Anthony Horan   Live Flesh 
Peter O'Connor   Live From Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002 dts 
Nathan Clark   Live at Chapel 
Anthony Horan   Living Daylights - SE 
Adrian Turvey   Living Free 
Rob Pascale   Living Reef 
Martin Friedel   Lizzie McGuire 1 - When Mom Attacks 
Martin Friedel   Lizzie McGuire Movie 
Chris Hore   Locals 
Vince Carrozza   Lock Up 
Anthony Horan   Lolita (1962) (Remastered) 
Jules Faber   Long Goodbye 
Steve Koukoulas   Long Kiss Goodnight 
Shaun Bennett   Long Riders 
Vince Carrozza   Long Time Dead 
Amy Flower   Long Way to the Top 
Terry Kemp   Long Way to the Top - Behind the Scenes 
Amy Flower   Long Way to the Top - Live in Concert! 
Anthony Clarke   Longest Day: SE 
Steve Koukoulas   Look Who's Talking 
Martin Friedel   Looking For Alibrandi 
Anthony Clarke  NEW  Looney Tunes - Reality Check 
Anthony Clarke  NEW  Looney Tunes - Stranger Than Fiction 
Amy Flower   Looney Tunes Back in Action 
Jules Faber   Looney Tunes Collection - All Stars Volumes 1 & 2 
Jules Faber   Looney Tunes Collection - Best of Bugs Bunny 
Jules Faber   Looney Tunes Collection - Best of Daffy and Porky 
Jules Faber   Loot (1970) 
Jules Faber   Loot (2004) 
Jules Faber   Lorax 
Anthony Clarke   Lord of the Flies 
Jules Faber   Lord of the Flies (1990) 
Shaun Bennett   Lord of the Rings 
Jules Faber   Lord of the Rings - Return of the King 
Anthony Horan   Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring 
Anthony Horan   Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Special Extended Edition dts 
Anthony Horan   Lord of the Rings: Two Towers 
Anthony Clarke   Lorrie Morgan - Color of Roses dts 
Robert Mack   Los Super Seven - No Borders/Canto dts 
Vince Carrozza   Lost & Found 
Steve Koukoulas   Lost Boys 
Chris Hore   Lost Boys: SE 
Anthony Clarke   Lost Horizon 
Steve Koukoulas   Lost In Space 
Nathan Clark   Lost Souls dts 
Anthony Clarke   Lost Weekend 
Anthony Horan   Lost World 
Steve Koukoulas   Lost World: Jurassic Park - CE 
Jules Faber   Lost in Translation 
Terry Kemp   Lou Reed - A Night WIth 
Amy Flower   Lou Reed: Transformer - Classic Albums 
Ben Pollock   Louis Prima - Wildest! 
Anthony Clarke   Love Among the Ruins 
Tony Lai   Love And Sex 
Gavin Turner   Love Hina 1 - Moving In 
Vince Carrozza   Love Letter 
Vince Carrozza   Love Me Tender 
Jules Faber   Love Tricycle: SE 
Amy Flower   Love is in the Air 
Amy Flower   Love, Honour and Obey 
Anthony Horan   Lovely & Amazing 
Anthony Clarke   Lover Come Back 
Anthony Clarke   Lucia Lucia 
Adrian Turvey   Lucky Break dts 
Anthony Clarke   Luzhin Defence 
Amy Flower   Lyricist Lounge - Hip Hop Video Classics 

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