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Staff Member  Review Title
Adrian Turvey   P.O.D. - Still Payin' Dues 
Jules Faber   Pacific Banana 
Martin Friedel   Pacific Heights 
Anthony Clarke   Pact of Silence 
Gavin Turner   Pale Rider 
Anthony Clarke   Pandora's Box 
Amy Flower   Panic Room dts 
Steve Koukoulas   Pantera 3 - Vulgar Videos From Hell 
Michael Chappell   Paolo Conte - Razmataz 
Jules Faber   Paper Soldiers 
Anthony Horan   Paperback Hero 
Vince Carrozza   Paradise 
Anthony Clarke   Parent Trap (1961) 
Steve Koukoulas   Parenthood 
Anthony Horan   Paris, Texas 
Martin Friedel   Parole Officer 
Amy Flower   Party Mix 
Jules Faber   Passed Away 
Steve Koukoulas   Passion of the Christ dts 
Steve Koukoulas   Passion to Play - Players Story 
Adrian Turvey   Pat Benatar - Live in New Haven 
Steve Koukoulas   Patch Adams - CE 
Gavin Turner   Patlabor 1 & 2 
Steve Koukoulas   Patriot 
Tony Lai   Patton : SE 
Amy Flower   Paul McCartney & Friends - PETA Concert For Party Animals 
Amy Flower   Paul McCartney - Live at the Cavern Club! dts 
Terry Kemp   Paul McCartney - Paul is Live in Concert on the New World Tour 
Adrian Turvey   Paul McKenna's Stop Smoking For Good 
Adrian Turvey   Paul Newman Collection 
Steve Koukoulas   Paul Simon - Graceland 
Terry Kemp   Paul Simon: You're the One - In Concert dts 
Paul Dossett   Paulie 
Tony Lai   Pavarotti - Best is Yet to Come 
Robert Mack   Pavarotti - Event 
Martin Friedel   Paws 
Michael Chappell   Pay It Forward 
Jules Faber   Paycheck 
Gavin Turner   Peaceful Rest 
Andrew MacLennan   Peacemaker 
Anthony Horan   Pearl Harbor 
Ross Coulson   Peeping Tom 
Terry Kemp   Peggy Sue Got Married 
Peter O'Connor   Perfect Blue 
Jules Faber   Perfect Punch 
Jules Faber   Perfect Strangers (2001) 
Jules Faber   Perfect Strangers (2003) (Rental) 
Martin Friedel   Perfume (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Persona 
Nick Watts   Persona Non Grata 
Jules Faber   Personal Velocity 
Anthony Horan   Pet Shop Boys - Pop Art 
Steve Koukoulas   Pet Shop Boys - Somewhere in Concert 
Terry Kemp   Pete Townshend - Music From Lifehouse 
Paul Dossett   Pete's Dragon 
Jules Faber   Pete's Dragon (Remastered) 
Adrian Turvey   Peter Allen - Boy From Oz 
Terry Kemp   Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live dts 
Anthony Clarke   Peter Pan (2003) dts 
Terry Kemp   Peter Pan (Remastered) 
Martin Friedel   Peter Pan - Return To Neverland dts 
Anthony Clarke   Peter Paul And Mary - Carry It On: A Musical Legacy 
Jules Faber   Peter and the Wolf 
Amy Flower   Petula Clark - This is My Song 
Anthony Horan   Phandom Menace 
Vince Carrozza   Phantom of the Opera (1925) 
Ben Pollock   Phantom of the Opera (1943) 
Vince Carrozza   Phantom of the Paradise 
Terry Kemp   Phil Collins - A Life Less Ordinary 
Paul Dossett   Phil Collins - Face Value 
Terry Kemp   Phil Collins - Serious Hits Live 
Anthony Clarke   Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness 
Amy Flower   Phone Booth 
Anthony Horan   Pi 
Anthony Horan   Pianist 
Anthony Clarke   Piano Blues (Blues Film Collection) 
Anthony Horan   Piano Teacher 
Anthony Horan   Picture Perfect 
Jules Faber   Piglet's Big Movie 
Anthony Clarke   Pillow Talk 
Terry Kemp   Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story 
Vince Carrozza   Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii: DC 
Paul Dossett   Pink Floyd - Wall 
Anthony Clarke   Pink Panther 
Anthony Clarke   Pink Panther Film Collection 
Anthony Clarke   Pink Panther Strikes Again 
Gavin Turner   Pinocchio (2002) dts 
Jules Faber   Pinocchio: SE 
Terry Kemp   Piranha II - Spawning 
Jules Faber   Pirate Movie 
Adrian Turvey   Pirates of Penzance 
Martin Friedel   Pirates of the Caribbean - CE dts 
Paul Dossett   Pitch Black 
Paul Dossett   Pitch Black: SE 
Amy Flower   Placebo - Soulmates Never Die: Live in Paris dts 
Michael Sammut   Plague Of Zombies / Reptile - Double Feature 
Amy Flower   Plan 9 From Outer Space 
Jules Faber   Plan B (Rental) 
Tony Lai   Planet Of Apes - First Movie 
Terry Kemp   Planet of the Apes - TV Series 
Terry Kemp   Planet of the Apes: 35th Anniversary Edition dts 
Vince Carrozza   Planet of the Apes: SE (2001) dts 
Tony Lai   Planets 
Gavin Turner   Platoon: SE 
Jules Faber   Platypus - World's Strangest Animal 
Gavin Turner   Play Misty For Me 
Gavin Turner   Play School - Nursery Rhymes 
Amy Flower   Playing Mona Lisa (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Playtime 
Paul Dossett   Pleasantville 
Gavin Turner   Please Teacher! Volume 1 - Hot For Teacher 
Vince Carrozza   Pledge 
Martin Friedel   Plots With a View (Rental) 
Vince Carrozza   Pluto Nash (Rental) 
Terry Oberg   Pocahontas (Remastered) 
Jules Faber   Poetic Justice 
Steve Koukoulas   Point Break 
Martin Friedel   Point Break (Magna) dts 
Anthony Horan   Pokemon 2000 
Gavin Turner   Pokemon 3 
Chris Hore   Police Academy - Complete Collection 
Anthony Bethell   Police Story - Special CE 
Vince Carrozza   Pollock: CE 
Anthony Clarke   Pollyanna 
Vince Carrozza   Poltergeist 
Nick Watts   Porco Rosso 
Adrian Turvey   Porridge 
Anthony Clarke   Porridge - Christmas Specials 
Terry Kemp   Porridge - Series One 
Terry Kemp   Porridge - Series Three 
Terry Kemp   Porridge - Series Two 
Amy Flower   Portrait of Murder 
Shaun Bennett   Portrait of a Lady 
Anthony Clarke   Portraits - Lifestyle 
Anthony Clarke   Portraits - Personalities 
Anthony Clarke   Portraits - Travel 
Amy Flower   Poseidon Adventure 
Anthony Clarke   Possession (2002) 
Amy Flower   Postcards from the Edge 
Nick Watts   Postman Always Rings Twice 
Anthony Horan   Powaqqatsi 
Vince Carrozza   Powder 
Jules Faber   Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky - In Our Times 
Terry Kemp   Power of One 
Amy Flower   Powerpuff Girls - Powerpuff Bluff 
Amy Flower   Powerpuff Girls Movie 
Mark Pakula   Practical Magic 
Steve Koukoulas   Predator 
Steve Koukoulas   Predator 2 
Gavin Turner   Predator: SE dts 
Adrian Turvey   Premier League - Great Goals Plus Year In Review 2002/2003 
Terry Kemp   Pretenders - Isle of View 
Martin Friedel   Pretty Woman: SE 
Tony Lai   Price Of Glory 
Martin Friedel   Prick Up Your Ears 
Anthony Horan   Pride and Prejudice 
Vince Carrozza   Prime Gig (Rental) 
Anthony Clarke   Prime Suspect - Complete Series 
Anthony Clarke   Prime Suspect 6 - Last Witness 
Rebecca Taylor   Prince - Graffiti Bridge 
Steve Koukoulas   Prince - Hits Collection 
Rebecca Taylor   Prince - Purple Rain: 20th Anniversary SE 
Tony Lai   Prince - Rave Un2 the Year 2000 dts 
Rebecca Taylor   Prince - Under Cherry Moon 
Jules Faber   Prince and the Showgirl 
Jules Faber   Princess Blade 
Gavin Turner   Princess Bride dts 
Vince Carrozza   Princess Diaries 
Nick Watts   Princess Mononoke 
Anthony Horan   Princess and the Warrior 
Jules Faber   Principal 
Terry Oberg   Prisoner Volume 1 - Arrival 
Anthony Clarke   Private Life of Plants 
Terry Kemp   Prizzi's Honor 
Anthony Clarke   Producers 
Vince Carrozza   Project Moonbase 
Michael Chappell   Proof of Life 
Vince Carrozza   Prophecy 
Vince Carrozza   Prophecy 3 - Ascent 
Vince Carrozza   Prophecy II 
Martin Friedel   Protocol 
Jules Faber   Pryor & Wilder - Ultimate Collector's Pack 
Paul Dossett   Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock's) 
Steve Koukoulas   Psycho - CE 
Amy Flower   Puberty Blues 
Ben Pollock   Public Enemy - Live from House of Blues dts 
Amy Flower   Pulp - Hits 
Steve Koukoulas   Pulp Fiction 
Nick Watts  NEW  Pulp Fiction - 10th Anniversary SE dts 
Jules Faber   Pumpkin 
Jules Faber   Pumpkinhead 
Anthony Horan   Punch-Drunk Love 
Martin Friedel   Punchline 
Nick Watts   Punisher 
Anthony Clarke   Puppet Masters 
Terry Kemp   Purely Belter 

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