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All 437 reviews from Anthony Clarke
  • 'Road to' Collection
    "The 'Road' series serves up Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, in a never-ending motorway of unabashed silliness and genial stupidity."
  • The 400 Blows
    "A witheringly truthful autobiographical account of childhood and adolescence in post-war Paris, from a master of French cinema."
  • 42nd Street
    "42nd Street was, and still is, "the greatest aggregation of dancing beauties ever seen together on stage or screen"..."
  • 9 to 5
    "There's nothing quite so tired as dated political-correctness... this comedy's use-by date has well and truly expired."
  • A Fistful of Dollars (Sony)
    "An essential Spaghetti-Western, given deluxe treatment by MGM."
  • A Heart In Winter
    "An outstanding French movie of complex human relations -- delicate and wondrously acted."
  • A Reggae Session
    "A Reggae Session was filmed on a hot and sweaty night, the air charged with exotic fumes. It would have been great to have been there..."
  • A Room With A View
    "Consummate two-hanky Merchant Ivory movie, with a stunning debut from delicous debutante Helen Bonham Carter."
  • A Shot in the Dark
    "In this second movie in the famous series, the Pink Panther starts to hits his fabulous feline stride. "
  • Aces High
    "Cliched stuff about those daring young men in the First World War flying-machines. "
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 1
    "Jeremy Brett rules supreme as the master Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes. He defines the role as thoroughly as did Basil Rathbone half a century earlier."
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2
    "Here are the final six episodes in Granada's epochal Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett. This splendid series set Holmesian standards unlikely ever to be excelled."
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 3
    "This set of six Sherlock Holmes adventures is illuminated by the brilliance of Jeremy Brett's interpretation of the Great Detective. Rattling good yarns; great television drama. "
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 4
    "Forget Universal's sloppy presentation and concentrate on Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. This is a classic of modern television."
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 5
    "The Great Detective is at his best in these six classic Sherlock Holmes stories, with Jeremy Brett at his absolute neurotic, mannered finest."
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 8
    "Two more examples of the greatest screen incarnation yet of The Great Detective."
  • The Adventures Of Tintin - 75th Anniversary Collection
    "Belgium's most famous creation, the eternally young Tintin, shares 21 key adventures with us all."
  • AFL - Fabulous Grand Finals Of The Sixties - League Teams
    "Glorious stuff ... but strictly for those born within the sound of the roar of the crowd from the MCG. "
  • AFL Essendon - Wall to Wall
    "Wives, buy this for your husbands. Husbands, buy this for your wives. This is the history of the greatest team in the history of our code."
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot - Death on the Nile
    "Stylish production of one of the absolute silliest of all plots created by England's Queen of mystery, Agatha Christie."
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot - Five Little Pigs
    "David Suchet gives the definitive performance of Agatha Christie's irritating little Belgian detective. Superlative acting."
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Hollow
    "David Suchet is the real Poirot. Neat, prissy, fastidious and fat. The body of a hippopotamus and a mind like a razor."
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot - Sad Cypress
    "David Suchet is the consummate Hercule Poirot. Watching him at work is a total joy. "
  • Albert King - Live in Sweden
    "Blues and soul legend Albert King sets his Gibson Flying V soaring in this 1980 Swedish concert."
  • Alistair Cooke's America
    "Compulsory viewing: one of a handful of outstanding television documentaries."
  • All Creatures Great & Small - Series 1 Volume 1
    "A quality issue of a good old television series. Pity, though, about the snivelling oaf who plays the lead character."
  • All Creatures Great & Small - Series 1 Volume 2
    "Yes, it's our favourite vet James Herriott, right up to his armpit again."
  • All Creatures Great And Small - Series 2: Vol. 1
    "More arms thrust up various orifices of the animal kingdom as our merry Yorkshire vets bring delight to all creatures great and small."
  • All Creatures Great And Small - Series 2: Vol. 2
    "More muckin' about with farmyard animals as our team of Yorkshire vets get down to some really messy business."
  • Ana Torroja & Miguel Bose - Girados en Concierto
    "When it comes to popular music, this DVD of Spanish popsters Ana Torroja and Miguel Bose proves that banality knows no boundaries."
  • And Then There Were None
    "This is a truly classic mystery, which has been given classic film treatment."
  • Andromeda 1.11
    "Just what Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would have made of this series, we'll never know. But we can guess..."
  • Andromeda 2.1
    "The trouble with the 'M' rating is that it rules out any viewer young enough to enjoy this sci-fi juvenilia..."
  • Angela
    "Angela is a deeply boring wife caught up in the drug trade. And her life story is every bit as boring as its subject."
  • Around the World in 80 Days: SE
    "Forget the story -- this is still one of the most spectacular travelogues ever created."
  • Art of Conducting - Great Conductors of the Past
    "The video of The Art of Conducting was compulsive viewing. On DVD it's indispensable."
  • Art of Conducting - Legendary Conductors of a Golden Era
    "For devotees of the art of conducting - the sequel to Great Conductors of the Past."
  • The Avengers - 1967 Box Set
    "Settle back for one of the ecstatically escapist highpoints of British television."
  • The Backsliders - Live at The Basement
    "This is how good musical reportage should be. Uncluttered performance showing how good the band is, not how clever the director is."
  • The Band Wagon - Special Edition
    "The greatest musical ever? No way. This is just one of the 12 greatest musicals ever. "
  • Barry Humphries' Flashbacks
    "Quite simply, Barry Humphries is a genius. And his telling of our nation's 20th century 'cultural' history is essential viewing for all generations. Lest we forget, indeed..."
  • Basic Instinct
    "This film is trash. But it's damn good trash, just waiting to rip you apart."
  • Batman And Robin - The Serial Collection
    "Cinema serials live again. Here are the original Batman and Robin from 1949. We'll never see their like again. "
  • Battle Of Algiers
    "Powerful propaganda as relevant and as contemporary as when filmed 40 years ago."
  • The Belles of St. Trinians
    "There never were girls quite like the girls of St Trinian's - thank God. Here they are in all their fiendish, Searlian glory."
  • The Best of The Andy Williams Show
    "Here's perfect middle-of-the-road television blancmange. The perfect cure for anyone who says "television's not what it used to be". Amen to that..."
  • The Best of Dad's Army Volume Two
    "There is so much affection and comic invention in these episodes that all we can hope for is that The Best of Dad's Army Volume Two is just the second in a long line of 'Best of's..."
  • The Best of French And Saunders
    "Totally brilliant. Best comic duo since Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. You're seeing the best; forget the rest...."
  • The Best of Friends Volumes 3 & 4
    "Friends is a well-crafted American sitcom of the 'these are our best friends' style, and this is a very decent tribute to the show's professionalism."
  • The Best of Spike Milligan
    "The genius still shines through, in this tribute to Britain's greatest Indian-Irish comic of all time, Spike Milligan."
  • The Best of Steptoe and Son Volume 2
    "This isn't kitchen sink comedy; it brings us the full junkyard, as we trace the wretched lives of Steptoe and Son, purveyors of rag and bones to the gentry, and to anyone else with a couple of bob to spare."
  • The Best of the Darling Buds of May - The Collection
    "Lie down in the fecund grass of rural England with luscious Catherine Zeta Jones. Ah, life's just perfick, ain't it."
  • Bewitched - Complete Season 1
    "The loveliest witch in the entire known universe just has to twitch her nose to cast her special spell all over again."
  • The Big Red One - The Reconstruction
    "The US First Infantry once again saves the world for truth, justice and the American way. "
  • The Big Sleep (1946)
    "Humphrey Bogart is hardboiled gumshoe Philip Marlowe. He was born to play this role..."
  • The Black Stallion
    "The Black Stallion is probably the third-best movie of a boy and his horse ever made. Come to think of it, I can only think of three..."
  • Blue Lagoon
    "This desert island romance is quite sweet and charming - but anyone older than 13 or 14 will find this tale of puppy-love in the lagoons pretty heavy going."
  • Blue Lagoon Collector's Pack
    "The problem with this Collectors' Edition is that while you get the reasonably OK 1980 Brooke Shields movie, you must also endure the truly awful 1991 sequel. Buy one, throw one away..."
  • Blue Murder at St. Trinians
    "In the beginning was The Belles of St Trinian's. This second in the St Trinian's series finds standards already slipping - this comedy is now sadly dated."
  • Bluesland - A Portrait in American Music
    "A short but fact-packed documentary of the blues, which shows just how rock 'n' roll evolved."
  • Bob Fosse - A Celebration of the Choreography
    "The choreographic creator of Chicago, The Pyjama Game and Cabaret is celebrated on Broadway in a high-kicking tribute show. Trouble is, the original versions were often better."
  • Bob Luman - At 'Town Hall Party'
    "A good account of a 1950s rockabilly performer who lacked just one essential thing - a voice of his own. "
  • The Bogart Collection One
    "Was Humphrey Bogart THE cinema star of the 20th century? Get this set and make up your own mind."
  • The Bogart Collection Two
    "Bogart shines in this four-movie sampling of the work of one of the greatest Hollywood icons of them all."
  • Bon Voyage
    "A pleasantly old-fashioned drama about life in a France divided by war. "
  • The Borrowers - Series One
    "Borrow this one, for a larger-than-life look at life under the stairs."
  • Bradman - Reflections On A Legend
    "The further removed we are from his era, the more remarkable the exploits of the great Don Bradman seem. Our Don Bradman indeed."
  • Bread and Tulips
    "Bread and Tulips is sweet, totally delectable and will be viewable time after time. Watch it and fall in love - if not with the characters, then with la bella Venice."
  • Brewhouse Jazz - A Tribute to Bill Evans
    "A tribute concert which will appeal to all lovers of 'Cool-School' jazz. All that's missing is Bill Evans himself..."
  • Brewhouse Jazz - Roots Salute to the Saxophone
    "Lovers of modern jazz will relish this concert grouping of four heavyweight sax players - the only thing better than one sax is more."
  • Bride of Frankenstein
    "This is superior B-grade horror schlock. Boris Karloff's brilliant performance is worth every cent of admission."
  • Brief Encounter
    "Restrained passion creates a mini-masterpiece"
  • Brigadoon
    "Gene Kelly sets out to prove that his dancing was high-art, in this very empty, very boring Hollywood musical."
  • The British War DVD Collection
    "The British War Collection brings together four tales of true heroism, when Britain and her allies fought the war which had to be won. The Dambusters alone makes this an indispensable part of any collection."
  • Britography: The Fall of the British Empire
    "Here is the tale of the decline of the greatest Empire the world ever knew before Microsoft."
  • Britography: George & Elizabeth - A Royal Love Story
    "Here's the life of a thoroughly decent and truly heroic King. It's enough to almost make one a royalist... well, almost!"
  • Britography: Winston Churchill - The Man Behind the Myth
    "A strangely dispassionate account of the life of the greatest politician of the 20th century."
  • Broadcast News
    "Welcome to the cut-throat world of network journalism where the person you should fear the most is yourself."
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf
    "The Brotherhood of the Wolf just fails to lift itself from the mundane into the realm of the truly exciting. It is exciting in parts - but it goes on and on and on..."
  • Brubaker
    "Inept prison drama, only for the most dedicated Robert Redford fans."
  • Bus Stop
    "Moronic cowboy virgin falls in love with well-used bar-room chanteuse in a film most notable for giving Marilyn Monroe the rare chance to prove she can act."
  • By Jeeves
    "If you like Wodehouse without his wit, then this musical offering from Andrew Lloyd Webber will be just the thing for you. After all, who needs humour today?"
  • Cabaret
    "Hugely hyped and overrated Oscar-winning musical gets barest-boned DVD release possible. "
  • Callan
    "The British anti-hero spy series Callan was terrific 1960s television - but its big-screen adaptation just doesn't cut the Secret Service mustard."
  • Calle 54
    "One musician - the Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes - makes this jazz documentary indispensable. Nothing else in the film can measure up to his awesome talent - but nothing else could!"
  • The Car Man
    "Matthew Swan Lake Bourne is known for radical choreography, but The Car Man seems generally tired and prosaic. The energy levels seem to have been left on stage; they didn't make it through to film. "
  • Carlton Browne of the F.O.
    "This is as timely a satire on bureaucracy as the day it was made. British wit demolishes the Foreign Office."
  • Carmen McRae - Live
    "In 1986 jazz vocalist Carmen McRae was an imposing figure - but while she bulked up, the voice went somewhere else..."
  • Carnal Knowledge
    "Here's Jonathan... it's that man Jack Nicholson again, but breaking down taboos instead of doors."
  • Carousel
    "It's not a great adaptation of the stage musical, but Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones make this musical tragedy something to relive again and again and again..."
  • Carry on Cowboy
    "Aficionados regard Carry On Cowboy as one of the better movies in the Carry On series. With this movie, you get everything you expect. "
  • Carry on Cruising
    "What a great tribute to British taste the 'Carry On' series is. This is the first 'Carry On' flick in colour, which was something new - they didn't bother changing the jokes, though."
  • The Cars That Ate Paris/The Plumber
    "Two early efforts by Australia's most successful international director, Peter Weir."
  • Casablanca: SE
    "The definitive edition of the greatest of all American movies. 'Nuff said..."
  • Cat People
    "This 1982 remake of Cat People is themed on virginity and the fear of surrender to eroticism. Its success is dependent on your own willingness to surrender to its sultry atmosphere. "
  • Chariots of Fire
    "Chariots of Fire is a justly-acclaimed British movie which deserves a great DVD release. Perhaps one day it will receive one..."
  • Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
    "An excellent-in-parts television adaptation of the story which was closest to Charles Dickens's heart -- because it depicted a large part of his own early life."
  • Charles Mingus - Triumph of the Underdog
    "Triumph of the Underdog stands as an affirmation of the strength of jazz musician Charlie Mingus' artistry, and how he managed to achieve so much, against such odds."
  • Charlie Parker: Celebrating Bird - The Triumph of
    "Bird Lives - and this documentary helps demonstrate why, almost 50 years after his death, saxophonist Charlie Parker is still revered today."
  • The Children of Paradise
    "This masterpiece of world cinema is presented in pristine condition. It's unforgettable beauty and drama."
  • The Colditz Story
    "Just how escape-proof was the German maximum-security prison of the Second World War, Colditz Castle? Nothing was escape-proof when set against the purpose and determination of these incorrigible Allied escapees..."
  • The Colour Of War - Victory In Europe
    "Just how many colours are there? Don't confuse it with the Warners DVD of the same name....."
  • Columbo - Season 1
    "Quirky, offbeat Lieutenant Columbo qualifies as America's greatest television detective. "
  • Conan The Barbarian - Special Edition
    "Grand 'B'-grade entertainment for grown-up kids as Conan the Barbarian gets a new 'special edition' release."
  • Count Basie - Swingin' the Blues
    "Here's hot swinging proof that Count Basie led one of the greatest jazz bands of them all. "
  • Coupling - The Complete First Series
    "The outrageously funny British comedy series Coupling is obviously derived from the US series Friends. But these are Friends caught with their pants down. "
  • Coupling - The Complete Second Series
    "Crude, often sexist and politically incorrect comedy of the sort which can reduce the viewer to weak-limbed hysteria. "
  • Coupling - The Complete Third Series
    "One of the most seriously delectable and sexy television offerings of today."
  • Creature Comforts - Series 1: Vol. 2
    "Delicious comic idea given the right-royal Aardman treatment. "
  • The Cruel Sea
    "The Cruel Sea is the classic account of the naval Battle of the Atlantic, fought in a hard, cold world where heroism was masked by bitter gales and sleet."
  • D-Day to Berlin
    "This is great documentary footage, with the Second World War brought to life in genuine colour reportage, with a vivid immediacy seldom seen."
  • Dad's Army - The Complete First Series
    "Bumbling, doltish, aged and comic, and ultimately very very heroic -- that was Dad's Army, as Britain's Home Guard prepared themselves to be the last defence against Hitler's Germany."
  • The Dambusters
    "The Dambusters is an ideal war movie - this is a feast of true valour, when we fought the war which had to be won."
  • Dark Passage
    "Strictly a curiosity piece, Dark Passage is a lightweight offering of interest only to dedicated Bogart/Bacall fans."
  • Dave Allen
    "If you enjoyed Irish comedian Dave Allen in his prime, then this is a package of vintage delight."
  • David Oistrakh - Artist of the People?
    "David Oistrakh was, I think, the greatest violinist of the 20th Century. But what a price he had to pay...."
  • Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier
    "Frontier scout Davy Crockett died at the Alamo, but he rose again in the 1950s to become the greatest coonskin cap salesman the world has ever seen..."
  • The Day Of The Triffids (Roadshow)
    "Is this the best television dramatisation yet of a classic science-fiction tale? Could well be...."
  • The Day the Earth Caught Fire
    "The world is on fire. Can you trust proven pyromaniacs to put it out?"
  • Dead Ringers - Series One
    "A strong dose of irreverence from the BBC. It's often juvenile, and often in bad taste - just as good satire and comedy should be."
  • Death in Venice
    "This fine looking transfer of a classic movie is irredeemably flawed by its faulty audio track."
  • Death on the Nile
    "The movie Death on the Nile is 25 years old now. Pictorially, it is as ravishing as a young woman in her spring-time bloom - if only all old movies were as beautiful as this!"
  • Deep Impact: SE
    "What do you do when it looks like the world is coming to an end? Dig a hole to hide, or stay up and party?"
  • Del Shannon - Live at the Castle Hill RSL
    "Rock 'n rollers generally play the Australian RSL circuit for one of two reasons. They're either on the way up, or they're on the way down. This DVD shows Del definitely down-down-under. "
  • The Desert Rats
    "Brave British officer manages to cope with an unruly mob of Aussie soldiers at Tobruk. Well done, old chap."
  • Dexter Gordon - More Than You Know
    "An impressionistic account of the life of the great tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, told through interview and through some great performance footage."
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season One
    "Step back into America circa 1961, as the brilliant Carl Reiner creates a comedy universe as bright today as when freshly minted."
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season Two
    "In its second season, The Dick Van Dyke Show just went on to prove itself one of the best 'reality' sitcoms ever - until a certain Jerry Seinfeld burst onto the scene more than 30 years later!"
  • Dizzy Gillespie - The Life and Music of
    "A meticulous, well researched and crafted documentary on the life and times of the seminal jazz trumpeter, a member of Bebop's ruling family."
  • Doctor Who - Ghost Light
    "Splendid touches of Gothic horror as the Doctor goes all Victorian. Wicked. "
  • Don't Look Now
    "This psychic-horror flick stands as a great achievement of the cinema - as does director Nicolas Roeg's underrated rock-crime masterpiece Performance for that matter, and his Walkabout..."
  • The Doors
    "In the 1960s, Jim Morrison was the Dionysus of Rock. Director Oliver Stone traces the last frenzied years of his life in a sensational account of drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll."
  • The Doors - Soundstage Performances
    "The 1968 footage on this disc from a set recorded in a Danish television studio confirms the genius of The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison. The 1969 footage though is truly tragic, as it shows his slide into alcoholism."
  • The Doris Day Collection
    "This box set represents a great way to celebrate one of the most magical and effervescent comedy screen partnerships of all time."
  • Down and Out in Beverly Hills
    "We're the ones who must be down-and-out if we're willing to sit through this crass 'comedy'. "
  • Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde - 1932 And 1941 Double Feature
    "In the red corner is Dr Jekyll, from 1932. In the white, Mr Hyde, from 1941. And the winner is ........by a knock-out."
  • Dr Who - Claws Of Axos
    "Is it Worzel Gummidge? No, it's Jon Pertwee in his other great television role, as the good Doctor battling all kinds of evil on our behalf."
  • Dr Who - Horror At Fang Rock
    "A horror is lurking on the craggy island of Fang Rock. Is there a Doctor in the house?"
  • Dr Who - The Mind Robber
    "Strictly Doctor Who for the preschoolers -- bad, but sadly not quite so bad that it's good."
  • Dr Who - Series 1: Vol. 1 (2005)
    "He's back -- and the Good Doctor doesn't let us down. These new adventures are simply terrific."
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2003)
    "Robert Louis Stevenson meets Sigmund Freud in this 'modern' psychological retelling of the horror classic."
  • The Draughtsman's Contract
    "Superb digital restoration brings this art-house masterpiece to a new audience."
  • The Dreamers
    "Thought-provoking and downright sexy cinema - Bertolucci at his best."
  • Drop Dead Fred
    "The constantly frenetic, manic and totally wonderful Rik Mayall enlivens an otherwise pedestrian comedy about the 'invisible friend' from hell."
  • Easter Parade - Special Edition
    "Yet another classic Hollywood musical from the solid-gold Warner Brothers vaults. Put on your best Easter bonnet and join the parade."
  • Eddie Cochran - At 'Town Hall Party'
    "This feature, although short, is a great tribute to the early rock star Eddie Cochran. His first hit was in 1957, his last in 1959. In 1960 he was dead. This helps keep the legend alive..."
  • Empires - Queen Victoria's Empire
    "A great presentation of a period in history with which Australia was intimately connected. "
  • Eric Burdon and the Animals - Finally...
    "A great documentary of Eric Burdon and The Animals - the nitty-gritty band that helped define British rock."
  • The Exorcist DVD Trilogy
    "One excellent horror flick spawned two atrocious brain-numbing sequels. Here are all three - an ounce of gold packaged with a pound of cinematic dross."
  • The Exorcist II: The Heretic
    "A horror movie? Give me a break - this feeble effort might give die-hard viewers a few laughs, as we watch some great actors die on the job."
  • The Exorcist III
    "17 years after The Exorcist came this supernatural detective tale, a blatant attempt to cash in on the franchise with a movie which carries only a passing connection to the original."
  • The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen
    "The scariest movie of all time? Hardly, but The Exorcist is still a good piece of well-crafted and acted storytelling which lifts it above the pure-schlock class."
  • Far From the Madding Crowd
    "An outstanding television adaptation which serves the Thomas Hardy novel brilliantly."
  • Feel Like Going Home (Blues Film Collection)
    "First up in an ambitious six-volume survey of the Blues. "
  • The First Deadly Sin
    "Mountain-climbers seeking a new use for that ice-climbing tool out of season may well find pleasure in renting this one."
  • First Men In The Moon
    "Sci-fi or comedy? This one inadvertently qualifies as both...."
  • Flirt
    "One story told three times in New York, Berlin and Tokyo. Will any of these very repetitive characters live happily ever after?"
  • Frank Sinatra - Concert For the Americas
    "The last ten spine-tingling minutes is worth the price of admission, as the old maestro brings it all home."
  • Frank Sinatra - The First 40 Years
    "Old Blue-Eyes had been singing for 40 years, and here's a tribute-fest from Cary Grant, Lucille Ball, Paul Anka and whoever else could be rounded up for the night."
  • Frank Sinatra - Sinatra and Friends
    "From the Sinatra Collection comes a key catalog entry for all lovers of true showbiz schlock."
  • Frankenstein (1931)
    "This image, of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster, is a creation of the night which has haunted us forever."
  • Freaks
    "This blatant exploitation movie of 1931 featuring carnival-headline freaks of the day is compelling viewing. And it's still insanely freaky!"
  • French Leave
    "From the current pack of generally cruddy 'let's start a new life in France/Italy/Siberia' lifestyle programs, this one soars above the pack with genuine wit and zest."
  • Fritz Lang's - M
    "A compelling, grim drama as thieves, beggars and police unite to seek to find an abominable child-murderer before he can snuff out another innocent life."
  • Gardening Australia - Cottage Gardens With Patch From Scratch
    "More gardening tips from the ABC - advice on vegetables for couch-potatoes."
  • Gardening Australia - Roses With Open Gardens
    "Got a garden? Grab this. Or give it to your aunt."
  • Gaslight
    "This terrific vintage suspense-thriller presents Ingrid Bergman, in one of the greatest roles of her career. But we're getting only half of the US release..."
  • Gene Vincent - At 'Town Hall Party'
    "Historical performances by the rockabilly idol Gene Vincent, but marred by thin and edgy audio which moves from bad to totally intolerable."
  • The General (Buster Keaton)
    "Forget that this is a silent movie. This 1927 classic has more expression, movement and sheer beauty (along with its comedy) than 99 per cent of films made today."
  • Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season
    "It's been 41 years since the crew and guests of SS. Minnow were stranded on Gilligan's Island -- they still come up fresh as a daisy. "
  • Girl With a Pearl Earring
    "Luscious cinematography brings the painterly world of Vermeer to life."
  • The Glenn Miller Story
    "About half of this story is worth 10 points. The rest, zilch. The good stuff is diluted with saccharine schmalz to the point of nausea. "
  • Godfathers And Sons (Blues Film Collection)
    "Is there an umbilical connection between hip-hop and the Blues? Well, they're both music, I guess ........"
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy
    "This is a flawed DVD presentation of a cult comedy - hold back on purchase or rental until a corrected version is released."
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy II
    "Here's our friendly palate-clicking Kalahari Bushman again, setting out to prove that the Gods must still be crazy..."
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy: Ultimate Collector's Pack
    "Modest cult-comedy hit from the early 1980s is packaged with its fairly limp sequel, to prove that two can be less than one."
  • Golden Days - The British Invasion Versus the San Francisco Sound
    "Pathetic presentation of rock from the 1960s - the greatest rock decade deserves better than this."
  • Gone With The Wind - Special Edition
    "Astonishingly brilliant DVD transfer of the most popular and successful movie of all time. Nuff said."
  • The Good Life - Series 1
    "Middle-class twaddle or British comedy at its best? Well, both really......"
  • The Goodies - Vol. 2: A Tasty Second Helping
    "Another tasty helping from the goodiest boys of all. Goodie goodie yum yum...."
  • The Graduate
    "A great transfer of an outstanding movie. But what's happened to the special features?"
  • Grand Hotel
    "Grand Hotel is grand melodramatic entertainment from the greatest stars of Hollywood's golden age."
  • The Great St. Trinians Train Robbery
    "By the time this fourth St Trinian's movie was made, its creators were desperately short of ideas. The best idea would have been to have called the series quits."
  • The Great Ziegfeld
    "Thank God for the remote control and its chapter selection feature. It makes this bloated monstrosity of a movie seem pretty good in parts."
  • The Green Man / School For Scoundrels
    "Universal continues its first-rate 'double' series of two movies for the price of one, with this classic English comedy double."
  • Greystoke - The Legend Of Tarzan
    "Crappy attempt to 'reconstruct' a legend is only partly redeemed by some fine acting performances."
  • Gumboots
    "If you like the Riverdance type of experience, and men shouting and singing, jumping up and down and stamping and slapping their gumboots for more than an hour, you'll love this South African dance explosion."
  • The Gunfighter
    "Can gunslinger Jimmy Ringo find a place to rest? Not while his reputation precedes him everywhere he goes."
  • The Gunston Tapes
    "Come back Norman Gunston, Australian television needs you more than ever before. But until his third coming, here's highlights of the first."
  • Halls of Montezuma
    "An intelligent, clear-eyed look at the horror and genuine heroism of men at war."
  • The Harvey Girls
    "The Harvey Girls is a wild Technicolor riot of a musical, which has been given one of the best incarnations on DVD any musical has yet seen."
  • Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
    "Tough Marine finds himself marooned on a South Pacific island with a beautiful nun. This is a charming fairy-tale -- a love-story without sex."
  • Helen Of Troy (1956)
    "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships? And burnt the topless towers of Ilium? I don't think so......."
  • Hexagon Tribute Collection - Eliza Fraser
    "This period-comedy has dated somewhat, but still provides a pleasane-enough nostalgic romp."
  • High Plains Drifter
    "Clint is the enigmatic Western loner, answering only to his own warped code of morals. A classic vengeance-Western designed to satisfy all Eastwood fans..."
  • High Sierra
    ""You'll never take me alive, coppers!" shouts Bogie, as he makes the defiant stand which made him a star."
  • High Society
    "High Society is hugely inferior to its source, The Philadelphia Story. But it does boast music and songs by Cole Porter, and that's enough by itself."
  • Hildegarde (Rental)
    "A fair-enough flick for the under-eights on a wet afternoon, but it's neither original enough nor charming enough to become a children's classic."
  • The History Of Rock And Roll
    "Anyone who has a passing interest in the music which helped shape our lives will want this set."
  • Hoffa
    "Interesting enough movie -- but where are the extras?"
  • House Of Eliott - Series 1
    "Yes, it's The House of Idiot (sorry, Eliott) on DVD at last. High-fashion costume drama at its costumiest."
  • Howard Hughes - The Great Aviator: Special Edition
    "In this package, the 'extras' are the main feature, as Jane Russell's ample talents get their full-thrusting screen premiere."
  • I Am a Dancer
    "Totally besotted lovers of Rudolf Nureyev will love this. For the rest of us, there are far better dance DVDs out there..."
  • I Am Not An Animal
    "As Rene Magritte might have said, these are not animals. However, he would have said it with more style."
  • I Capture the Castle
    "A satisfyingly moving and surprisingly unpredictable movie which will please anyone wanting a dose of realism with their romance."
  • I'm All Right Jack
    "Vintage stuff - British comedy at its best, featuring the greatest of all Peter Sellers' roles."
  • Ice Cold in Alex
    "Ice Cold in Alex is the fourth in the quartet which makes up The British War Collection. It's the weak link - by no means a bad movie, it just doesn't compare to the other great films in the set."
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
    "A true classic, which will keep delighting audiences as long as the English language remains in use..."
  • The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)
    "This adaptation of Wilde's greatest play is somewhat better than expected - but it would be verging on criminal negligence to choose this version over the classic filmed 50 years earlier..."
  • The In-Laws (2002)
    "This mediocre 'comedy' suffers from having Michael Douglas at its centre. Mr. Smugness fills the screen with palpable self-love, and comedy flies out the door."
  • Irreversible
    "You can tell that this sick exercise in grotesque sadism is an art film because it's filmed back to front."
  • Jacques Tati - Jour De Fete
    "French comic genius Jacques Tati here appears in his first feature film, a loving view of a France disappearing before his eyes. "
  • Jacques Tati - Mr Hulot's Holiday
    "Gallic comic brilliance as M. Hulot takes his holiday sur la plage."
  • Jamie Oliver - Oliver's Twist
    "Culinary Kid Jamie Oliver is unstoppable. With every series he becomes more adventurous; in the age of greasy fast-food he is the apostle of fun-fresh."
  • Jane Eyre
    "A creditable and thoroughly literary adaptation of the classic Romantic novel."
  • Jazz Masters - Vintage Collection
    "This is an indispensable document of a high-point in jazz history. It features one of the finest performances by the greatest lady of jazz, Billie Holiday, and that alone makes it unmissable."
  • Jean De Florette
    "This tale of hope and sacrifice and rapacious greed, framed in the beautiful landscape of Provence, is totally compulsive viewing. "
  • Jefferson Airplane - Fly
    "Psychedelia reigns as the great Jefferson Airplane becomes airborne."
  • John Coltrane - The World According to
    "This presents the great jazz saxophonist John Coltrane at his incandescent best. The program is short at just 59 minutes, but the intensity of the musical excerpts defies such mundanity as measurement of time."
  • The Jolson Story/Jolson Sings Again
    "Paint your face black, drop to your knee and sing Mammy. You ain't heard nothing yet..."
  • Joni Mitchell - Woman of Heart and Mind
    "A lovingly crafted tribute to one of America's greatest popular songwriters and performers. This is how documentaries should be produced."
  • Jules & Jim
    "Jules and Jim are best friends. They both love Catherine. Catherine loves them both, as well as finding other lovers on the side. A very messy menage-a-trois indeed."
  • Kangaroo Palace
    "In the 1960s, London was THE place to be for any self-respecting Aussie with a one-way fare. Here's four of them..."
  • Kath & Kim - Series 3
    "The girls are back in top form, and they've dragged along our favourite shop-assistants, Prude and Trude."
  • Key Largo
    "Key Largo in Florida is hurricane country. But humans are always more dangerous than the wildest of hurricanes..."
  • Kind Hearts and Coronets
    "Kind Hearts and Coronets is one of the finest comedies from any country, any time. It is, first and foremost, a vehicle for Dennis Price; suave, debonair and deadly. "
  • Kiss Me Kate
    "Kiss Me Kate explodes with wit, style and great melodies. This is one of the great musicals, and this is now one of the great DVDs."
  • Kurosawa: The Hidden Fortress
    "A sprawling saga with a cast of thousands as feuding Japanese clans battle clans for ultimate power."
  • La Dolce Vita
    "Director Federico Fellini is a master of style. La Dolce Vita is as well-cut as Armani and, as timelessly fashionable as Valentino... "
  • La Strada
    "Tough, brilliant and compelling viewing with great acting at its core. Federico Fellini's first Oscar-winning movie is still outstanding drama."
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover
    "Lovers of air-brushed 'artistic' nudity will want this movie. Lovers of D H Lawrence's novel will give it the big flick."
  • Lady Day, The Many Faces of Billie Holiday
    "A fine tribute to the the greatest of all jazz vocalists. To listen to Billie was to plug right into her life."
  • The Ladykillers
    "The Ladykillers may not reach the heights of its Ealing comedy brethren such as Kind Hearts and Coronets, but is a worthy entrant all the same - a black comedy dressed in widescreen Technicolor."
  • The Last Emperor
    "Bertolucci's great account of the life of China's last Emperor is given a suitably splendid anamorphic transfer. But what a shame Magna didn't seek out the director's own hour-longer special cut..."
  • The Last Goon Show Of All
    "The Radio Goon Show moves creakily onto our television screen for an evening of sad nostalgia."
  • The Last Waltz: SE
    "This is one of the great rock documents. It must be played loud, and played often. The Band with Neil Young. The Band with Bob Dylan. How could that be bad?"
  • The Lavender Hill Mob
    "This comedy from the Golden Age of British film-making is trim, taut and terrific. It clocks in at only 78 minutes - every one a delectable comic winner."
  • The League of Gentlemen - Christmas Special
    "One of the most mysterious comedy series to emerge from the bowels of the British Broadcasting Corporation. This is macabre Yuletide merriment."
  • The Legendary Sherlock Holmes
    "The three Sherlock Holmes movies on this disc are both historical and hysterical. Their basic mediocrity in writing and direction is redeemed by superb character-acting. Hey, one out of three virtues isn't too bad!"
  • The Legends of New Orleans: The Music of Fats Domino
    "This 2001 concert by Fats Domino is trad-rock - something old, nothing new. As with trad-jazz, you must look elsewhere for real musical excitement."
  • Legends of Steam - The Flying Scotsman
    "The Flying Scotsman is Britain's most famous steam engine. In this nostalgic visit, it gleams like a burnished green-and-gold dragon as it rips through the British landscape."
  • The Leopard - Special Edition
    "Luchino Visconti's elegiacal requiem for the Italian aristocracy is already a candidate for the finest Region 4 DVD release of the year."
  • Let's Make Love
    "Marilyn sings My Heart Belongs to Daddy, but her heart's not really in it in this strangely lacklustre comedy. It's pleasing, but has none of the potency of her best film outings."
  • Life And Death Of Peter Sellers
    "Peter Sellers lives! This is surely one of the finest show-biz biopics ever."
  • Life of Brian
    "This is an important movie, not just for Brianists, but for Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews as well. Its universality should touch everyone.........."
  • Life With Judy Garland - Me and My Shadows
    "Despite the tragedy of her life, Judy just kept belting out the songs. This is the story of one of the truly great singers of the 20th Century."
  • Lion in Winter
    "This garnered critical accolades back in 1968. Now it comes across as a boring, droning historical talk-fest. "
  • Little Britain - The Complete First Series
    "Take a tour around Little Britain. Meet some of the people who inhabit what we used to call The Old Country -- and be glad you're here."
  • Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
    "The musical version of Little Shop of Horrors is lightweight, somewhat immature fun. It's edging towards minor classic status in the specialist horror-musical market niche."
  • The Longest Day: Special Edition
    "Brilliant story-telling of the invasion of Normandy -- the long day which ended the rule of the Evil Empire and brought freedom to Europe."
  • Looney Tunes - Reality Check
    "The Looney Tunes gang invades modern-era television with mixed results."
  • Looney Tunes - Stranger Than Fiction
    "Modern website cartoon versions of the classic Looney Tunes is perhaps slightly better than we could have expected."
  • Lord of the Flies
    "William Golding's harrowing novel Lord of the Flies is given a well-nigh perfect cinema adaptation by brilliant English stage director Peter Brook. "
  • Lorrie Morgan - The Color of Roses
    "A crisp and professional show by a cabaret-singer in an approximately country and western style."
  • Lost Horizon
    "Classic Hollywood pre-war soap-drama of the never-never land known as Shangri-La."
  • The Lost Weekend
    "This 1945 quadruple-Oscar winner about America's favourite disease still packs a punch."
  • Love Among the Ruins
    "It's a classic confluence of class, though the drama is pretty dated now..."
  • Lover Come Back
    "In Lover Come Back, Doris Day and Rock Hudson start out feuding and end up loving. It's a delicious romp, full of joyous magic."
  • Lucia Lucia
    "Limp drama enlivened for a few seconds by fairly inept comedy. Lovers of bad Mexican cinema might enjoy this one..."
  • The Luzhin Defence
    "Mad chess genius wanders erratically through some ravishingly beautiful landscape..."
  • The Maltese Falcon
    "Here's Bogart as Sam Spade, his first great hardboiled-detective role. This is the stuff dreams are made of..."
  • Man About the House - Complete Series 1
    "This sitcom depiction of life in Swingin' London in a South Ken flat circa 1973 is full of political incorrectness. And it's also very charming and intensely addictive, as really good 'bad' television can be. "
  • The Man From the Alamo
    "Roll those Jaffas down the aisle. Here's one of the better 'B' grade Westerns - trim, taut and terrific - as Glenn Ford proves cowardice wasn't why he ran from the Alamo."
  • The Man in the White Suit
    "This is a cautionary tale of how the best of intentions can make everyone turn on you. Alec Guinness had better run for his life, and take his white suit with him..."
  • Manon Des Sources
    "SPOILER ALERT: This movie must be seen. But view -- or read about it - ONLY after viewing part one, Jean de Florette..."
  • Mansfield Park
    "Jane Austen for a modern audience -- with no dumbing-down."
  • Map Makers
    "Fake thrills take away from what should have been fascinating documentary material."
  • Marilyn Monroe - The Diamond Collection Volume 3
    "This third box-set in the Marilyn Monroe series contains only one totally indispensable movie - it's definitely a renter, unless you're a Monroe-fanatic. "
  • Mark Twain
    "Riverboat pilot and American West roustabout Samuel Clemens achieved legendary status as the writer Mark Twain, author of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Here documentary filmmaker Ken Burns shows us the amazing man behind the legend."
  • Marvin Gaye - Live in Montreux 1980
    "Poor audio presentation mars a concert which had the potential to capture Marvin Gaye at the height of his pop-powers."
  • Masked and Anonymous
    "Dylan fans will want this one, but don't expect a movie worthy of the presence of the 20th Century's greatest singer/songwriter."
  • Meet Me In St Louis
    "Relatively bare-bones release of Garland classic presents the musical better than you've ever seen it before. "
  • Metropolis: SE
    "One of the greatest film restoration achievements of the digital age. A priceless film treasure."
  • The Miles Davis Story
    "This is a documentary worthy of its subject, a man who remains the most important and influential figure in jazz in the past 50 years. "
  • The Mirror Crack'd
    "This is a glitzy mystery thriller, and good fun for a cold night when there's nothing better in sight. Well-crafted star-studded escapism, and there's nothing wrong with that."
  • Miss Marple - 4.50 From Paddington
    "Classic English whodunit given classic presentation -- absolutely the best Marple money can buy."
  • Miss Marple - A Murder Is Announced
    "Miss Marple strikes again, in this consistently strong series of adaptations of the classic Christie novels."
  • Miss Marple - The Body In The Library
    "Hugely entertaining entrant in the consistently strong series of classic Miss Marple crime stories. Whodunnits with a touch of class."
  • Miss Marple - Murder At The Vicarage
    "Another Miss Marple entrant in a great series from Granada. More please....."
  • Mogambo
    "Time has long passed by this corner of wild Africa. So should we."
  • Mon Oncle
    "One of the greatest comedies in cinema history -- deeply personal, always charming and often poignant. "
  • Monarch of the Glen - Series 1
    "These Highland romps were a great concept, but were let down by routine scripts and poor characterisation. Still, the scenery's wonderful..."
  • Mountbatten - The Last Viceroy
    "As Lord Mountbatten, actor Nicol Williamson gives a great impersonation of a mobile stuffed-shirt. "
  • Mr Deeds Goes To Town
    "Let's hear it for good old (emphasis on old) honest American values, in this squeaky-clean comic drama from Mr Home-Town himself, Frank Capra."
  • Mrs. Miniver
    "Mrs Miniver, a tale of British pluck in war-time, was stirring propaganda in 1942. Today things have changed somewhat..."
  • Muddy Waters - Can't Be Satisfied
    "Muddy Waters, raunchy blues singer, was the inspiration for an entire generation of British rock 'n' rollers. This doco shows his Mojo out and working."
  • Muhammad Ali - The Greatest (1974)
    "Muhammad Ali - The Greatest falls short of greatness, but still gives a valuable insight into the man who became, for a time, the most famous in the world."
  • The Music Man
    "This is an 'almost great' musical; with the star Robert Preston its great attraction - and also, sadly, its major flaw."
  • The Music Teacher
    "Suffering from insomnia? Your usual sleeping-draught no longer effective? Then try this super-soporific. One hour should be enough to guarantee a full night's sleep."
  • My Brilliant Career
    "A classic Australian movie which just continues to grow in stature."
  • My Darling Clementine
    "We're not getting the feature-packed American release, but this classic Western still must be seen."
  • My Fair Lady: SE
    "Despite two major flaws, this is a musical masterpiece which will endure as long as cinema itself."
  • My Father the Hero
    "The target audience of early-teen girls should enjoy this 'coming-of-age' flick. There's not much here for anyone else though..."
  • My Man
    "Prostitute makes career offer no pathetic wine-soaked derelict could refuse. Move in. Become my pimp."
  • Name Of The Rose
    "Mediaeval thriller with chills, thrills and erotic excitement. "
  • Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love: The One And Only
    "Nat 'King' Cole was a ground-breaking musical pioneer whose velvety tones are are a distillation of beauty itself."
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps
    "This is rock'n'roll in the stratospheric heights, as Neil Young sears and blisters us with his power and passion."
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - Death & Rebirth
    "...this now is adult anime at its best."
  • Nicholas Nickleby (Rental)
    "A great adaptation of a classic 19th century novel, with Christopher Plummer delivering a riveting performance few other actors could hope to match."
  • Nigella Bites
    "Nigella Lawson is not called "the Goddess" for nothing, as this sensuous siren of the kitchen teases and tantalises us with her luscious, mouth-watering... recipes."
  • Noi The Albino
    "Alienated Icelandic youth finds his entire life alters with the speed of an avalanche. "
  • Not the Nine O'Clock News - Volume Two
    "'Volume Two' says it all -- still worth watching, with a few giggles here and there -- but get Volume One for the best bits."
  • Notorious
    "This taut romantic thriller is one of Hitchcock's masterpieces. And this transfer is probably the best yet seen in any DVD marketplace in the world."
  • The Onedin Line - Series 1
    "Great seafaring drama, combined with tense business rivalry and downright skullduggery. Don't miss it."
  • Only Two Can Play
    "A Welsh librarian with a roving eye is keen to get up to something. Anything. Anyone."
  • Open All Hours - Series Two
    "It's time to close the door on Open All Hours - it's not one of Ronnie Barker's greatest moments."
  • Operatunity
    "Reality television is redeemed, as fledgling opera-hopefuls compete for a chance to tread the boards."
  • Out Of Africa - Special Edition
    "Meryl Streep gives good accent in this sweepingly-boring epic of old-Africa."
  • The Pact of Silence
    "Sister Sarah has unexplained stomach-pains and Father Joachim, who seeks to treat her, is strangely attracted to this mysterious young Carmelite nun. He's getting hot under the collar... where will it all end?"
  • Pandora's Box
    "Louise Brooks is inseparable from her character, the prostitute Lulu, in this classic silent movie. When it somes to stylish, eroticism and sensuality, modern cinema can't do better than this 1929 masterpiece. "
  • The Parent Trap (1961)
    "The Parent Trap is simply one of the great family movies. See it, and surrender to its happy charm."
  • Persona
    "Beautiful transfer of one of Ingmar Bergman's timeless iconic movies."
  • Peter Pan (2003)
    "This is not only the best screen realisation yet of the Peter Pan story, but is instantly an all-time classic children's movie."
  • Peter Paul And Mary - Carry It On: A Musical Legacy
    "This documentary is only for deeply committed fans. It drips sincerity, but precious little else."
  • Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness
    "Half-hour doses of philosophy which, if taken once a day after eating, will help dispel gloom and spread some cheer."
  • Piano Blues (Blues Film Collection)
    "Clint Eastwood surveys the history of piano blues with inimitable laconic charm."
  • Pillow Talk
    "This is a seminal comedy. Doris Day and Rock Hudson evolve from sparring partners to lovers, and the result is a Turkish-delight of wit, warmth and effervescent charm."
  • The Pink Panther
    "The first Pink Panther flick left a lot of room for development - but it's still fun to get in on the ground floor."
  • The Pink Panther Film Collection
    "This is Peter Sellers as Chief Inspector Clouseau. Here's consummate timing, facial nuances and slapstick. Formidable!"
  • The Pink Panther Strikes Again
    "Is this instalment the absolute highlight of the Pink Panther movies? Well, it's feline fantasy in full flight."
  • Playtime
    "Our feature-length farewell to one of the great comic creations in all of cinema, Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot."
  • Pollyanna
    "This is bereft of the myriad special features which made the Region 1 release so special. But at least we're getting one of the greatest family movies ever committed to celluloid."
  • Porridge - Christmas Specials
    "Hard porridge for these prison inmates turns into lasting Christmas cheer for us."
  • Portraits - Lifestyle
    "Nice brief images of 20th century lifestyles cobbled together from old Movietone newsreels - but what brain-dead person decided to ditch the audio?"
  • Portraits - Personalities
    "In this time-wasting DVD we get 104 mini-video snapshots of 'personalities' of the 20th century. If you're a royal family fetishist, this might be the DVD for you."
  • Portraits - Travel
    "Is a one-minute video clip worth the same as a single photograph? This collection of travel video clips from last century suggests not."
  • Possession (2002)
    "This is a worthwhile attempt to distil some of the essence of A.S. Byatt's novel. It is densely layered, sad and romantic; a heady brew of academia, poetry and love."
  • Prime Suspect - The Complete Series
    "Outstanding British police drama with tough storylines and compelling character portrayals."
  • Prime Suspect 6 - The Last Witness
    "It's been seven years since the last Prime Suspect, and we find Helen Mirren as DCI Jane Tennyson just as driven and neurotic as ever - and just as totally brilliant."
  • The Private Life of Plants
    "David Attenborough probes the fierce and determined plant world that surrounds us, from the giant redwoods of California to the minute fungi spores ready to invade every nook and cranny of our lives."
  • The Producers
    "Talk about bad taste! No film has ever offended sober sensibilities so brilliantly as The Producers. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll cringe..."
  • The Puppet Masters
    "A pretty good cinematic account of a thriller from the pen of Robert Heinlein, one of the masters of classic science fiction."
  • The Railway Children / Swallows And Amazons
    "This family double-bill is half-a-treat. That is, one of the movies is a real delight. The other? Don't waste your time; it's a real dog. "
  • Rare Birds (Rental)
    "Although described as a comedy, the ultimate effect is just sad, sad, sad..."
  • Ray Charles - The Genius of Soul
    "A great documentary - but where are the performances? We get the life of Ray Charles, but we really needed the songs that made him famous..."
  • The Rebel / The Punch And Judy Man
    "English comedian Tony Hancock's two feature films on one DVD. Need I say anything more, except ...... here's hhhhhhh-Hancock."
  • The Red Badge of Courage
    "Through studio incompetence, this is just a remnant of a wonderful movie. But what a great remnant!"
  • The Red Shoes
    "This DVD does full justice to one of the greatest British movies ever made. The Red Shoes glows with undimmed Technicolor brilliance."
  • Red, White And Blues (Blues Film Collection)
    "Martin Scorsese's ambitious six-volume survey of the Blues moves up a notch as director Mike Figgis tackles the theme of the Blues in Britain."
  • Remember Me (Ricordati Di Me)
    "Superior drama about an Italian family on the verge of a nervous breakdown."
  • Return to the Blue Lagoon
    "By the time this sequel to The Blue Lagoon was made, the desert island franchise had just about run out of steam. Not even Milla Jovovich could save this flick from being given the flick."
  • Revenge of the Pink Panther
    "This was Sellers' last Pink Panther movie. Not the absolute best in the series perhaps, but still going out with a comic K.O."
  • Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band
    "A mediocre concert finds Ringo needing all the help from his friends that he can get. But he doesn't get any."
  • River of No Return
    "Laid-back bruiser Robert Mitchum meets his match when he runs into the bar room singer with a heart of gold, Marilyn Monroe, in this Boy's-Own, gung-ho action Western. "
  • Road to Morocco
    "We're like Webster's Dictionary, we're Morocco-bound - with our two buddies, Bing and Bob, and their eternal flame, Dorothy Lamour."
  • Road to Singapore
    "Our two Hobbits, Bing and Bob, hit the road for the very first time. They're busy evading matrimony - but one of them looks certain to find the golden ring to rule them all."
  • Road to Zanzibar
    "Buddies Bing and Bob set out on another road, this time to the darkest part of Africa. And who should they find there? Well, if it isn't little Dotty Lamour."
  • Roma
    "A great movie spoiled by just one thing -- the lack of proper English subtitles! Fellini's Roma deserves better attention to detail than this issue gives it."
  • Roxy Music - On the Road Live 1979
    "This is vintage Roxy Music, one of the most influential groups of the late 20th century. Bryan Ferry is, as always, the absolute King of Ultra-Cool."
  • Roy Orbison - Live at Austin City Limits
    "Here's the great Roy Orbison caught midway through his career - knowing that his 'best' years are behind him, and unaware that his sensational rebirth as an artist is just five years in front of him. "
  • Runaway Jury
    "A solid entrant in the fun-trash American drama/thriller genre."
  • Ruthless People
    "Let's face it... Danny DeVito is just brilliant. Team him with the crazy Bette Midler and this amiable black-comedy is impossible to resist."
  • The Saddle Club - Adventures at Pine Hollow
    "Juvenile fodder for the horsey set..."
  • Sanjuro
    "Director Akira Kurosawa and his favourite actor Toshiro Mifune at the top of their form in this action-packed Samurai clasic. "
  • Satyricon
    "Fellini's Satyricon takes us on a trashy romp through the decadence of Nero's Roman Empire. Could be a good romp except for the fact the film's in Italian and they've neglected to give us normal English subtitles. 'English HI' is not good enough!"
  • The Sea is Watching
    "This Akira Kurosawa project was made after his death and comes over as more Fellini than Kurosawa. If you come expecting very little, you'll be rewarded."
  • SeaChange - Series 1
    "Is Sea Change low-key escapist fare, or one of the greatest achievements yet in Australian television? Well, both really..."
  • SeaChange: If Fish Could Fly - Series 2 Episodes 1-6
    "Even without Diver Dan's presence, SeaChange manages to keep rolling along..."
  • SeaChange: Playing With Fire - Series 2 Episodes 7-13
    "SeaChange stands as one of Australia's best 'escapist' television sitcoms. You can't beat quality scripting and casting..."
  • Secret Window
    "An entertaining suspense-thriller which manages to go through its paces while employing a minimum of gore."
  • Send Me No Flowers
    "This is the weak-link in the collection of the three Doris Day/Rock Hudson/Tony Randall movies. By this time, the magic was wearing thin."
  • Sense And Sensibility (Roadshow)
    "Seek out the Emma Thompson movie version. This one is dull, duller, dullest. "
  • Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - 50th Anniversary Edition
    "This is a terrific presentation of one of MGM's run of mid-Century Golden musicals, in the days when the studio could not put a dancing foot wrong. "
  • Seven Years In Tibet
    "A flawed but ultimately moving portrait of Tibet before the barbaric Chinese invasion. "
  • Sex and Lucia
    "Sex and Lucia brings us emotion and tragedy - and a warm promise of rebirth and affirmation of life. But stay away if offended by explicit sex and nudity..."
  • Shadow Magic
    "Negligible drama about the introduction of cinema to China, given a disgraceful fullscreen transfer."
  • Shakespeare - A Midsummer night's dream
    "My favourite Shakespearian comedy gets a strong reading from a champion director and cast."
  • Shakespeare - Hamlet
    "Derek Jacobi is a consummate Hamlet for the 21st Century; a mad man who feigns madness in right-royal style."
  • Shakespeare - King Lear
    "This King Lear is old, sick and tired .. and that's just the production! "
  • The Shawshank Redemption - Special Edition
    "This new Special Edition is the perfect introduction to one of the great movies of our time."
  • Shenandoah
    "Jimmy Stewart stars here in one of his very strongest screen roles. He's worth the price of admission alone."
  • Short Films Of Francois Ozon
    "Subversive human dramas and comedies, as Ozon plays games with both straight and gay sensibilities."
  • Show Boat
    "The sheer sweep of this 1951 MGM movie is still mighty impressive, as the Technicolor show boat rounds the MGM backlot bend to bring its show to you..."
  • Showgirls
    "Can wholesale sleaze and nudity provoke terminal boredom? Paul Verhoeven proves it can."
  • Shrek + Shrek 3D The Story Continues
    "Shrek 3-D brings us all the characters from the original movie, but this time in nausea-inducing anaglyphic 3-D."
  • Silent Movie
    "Silent Movie is fully worth the script it's not written on. It's very very funny - one of Mel Brooks' best - and that's not saying something!"
  • Simon Schama A History of Britain
    "Simon Schama's A History of Britain is history as it should be - intellectually challenging, fast-paced and always great storytelling."
  • Singin' in the Rain: SE
    "Singin' in the Rain is a blissful movie which can never fade. And this is a benchmark presentation which sets a new standard for the restoration and presentation of classic movies."
  • The Sir Alec Guinness Ealing Comedy DVD Collection
    "These are British comedy classics that will give a lifetime of delights - a fine memorial to the great Ealing Studio."
  • Smallville - Season 1
    "Smallville is more slick soap opera than superhero saga, but is still a good entrant in the long-running Superman franchise."
  • The Sound Barrier / Hobson's Choice
    "David Lean's classic Hobson's Choice from 1954 is as pungent and witty today as when freshly minted -- a not-so-minor masterpiece. "
  • South Pacific
    "This edition of South Pacific is the real thing - wide, grand and terrific. This classic musical has never looked better - well, not since its big screen days."
  • Space Odyssey - Voyage To The Planets
    "Hokey 'voyage to the planets' mock-documentary that carries banality to new extra-terrestrial levels."
  • Spellbound (1945)
    "Become spellbound by the potent chemistry between Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck in this psychological thriller."
  • State Fair
    "State Fair's streak of corn is as wide as an elephant's hide - a melodic look back at a fairyland rural America full of bucolic charm and romance."
  • Stella Street (Rental)
    "Cop an eyeful of this cast. This is one great little movie, with a truly stellar cast... know what I mean?"
  • Stephane Grappelli - A Life in the Jazz Century
    "Life-affirming stuff here; lyrical swing as the greatest jazz violinist of them all tells the story of his 70-year long career."
  • Storm Over Asia
    "This movie is valuable cinema history. It reminds us of just how bad cinema could be when used as a crude propaganda tool."
  • The Story of Jazz
    "This cut-and-paste history of jazz succeeds in giving a decent overview of one of the major musical movements of the 20th century."
  • Stripes
    "Falls short of being a classic, but it gives us Bill Murray, so it just has to be seen."
  • Sunset
    "When Tom Mix and Wyatt Earp team up to solve a particularly nasty murder, what hope do the men in the big black hats have?"
  • Sweeney 2
    "London's Flying Squad are back, as they chase a gang of bank-blaggers from the UK to Malta and back again, with plenty of biffo, scotch and women en-route."
  • Sweeney!
    "Tough crime-busting from Scotland Yard's Flying Squad - well, if Regan and Carter can get away from the booze and the girls for long enough..."
  • Sweet Charity
    "Good-hearted but simple-minded dance hall hostess is shat on from a great height, but keeps smiling through. "
  • Sylvie Guillem - Evidentia
    "Avant-garde dance wrapped in cutting-edge pretension. "
  • The T.A.M.I./T.N.T. Show
    "Shoddy editing and transfer treatment of historic 1960s rock/pop concerts."
  • Tais-toi!
    "Take two criminals -- one quietly professional, the other garrulously stupid - and you have a recipe for high-comedy disaster."
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    "The title-song is the only thing which rollicks in this creaking old movie, which should have been struck out before it even made first base..."
  • Talk to Her
    "A great movie done a huge disservice by sloppy presentation. The dialogue is in Spanish; normal English subtitles would have been appreciated..."
  • The Ten Commandments: SE
    "The Ten Commandments became a kitsch classic under the hand of the king of dubious spectacle, Cecil B. DeMille. It's so bad it's terrific."
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles
    "Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a mighty assault on the 19th century's morality and religion, and at its attitude to women. This is a faithful account of Thomas Hardy's bleak vision. "
  • That Hamilton Woman
    "The key to this film's lasting quality is the coquettish, downright sexy Vivien Leigh in probably the finest film of her career, ahead even of Gone With the Wind."
  • Thelonious Monk - American Composer
    "A strong tribute to pianist Thelonius Monk, the most mystical and mysterious bopster of them all...."
  • They Drive By Night
    "This is a ripper - a tough action movie with a bit of romance, but not enough to slow down the action."
  • The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
    "A film full of glorious adventure and fantasy which must be one of the greatest achievements of the silent-screen."
  • The Third Man
    "A decent transfer of one of the greatest movies of the 20th century. See it!"
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie
    "Thoroughly Modern Millie ain't modern any longer. This film has gone way past its use-by date."
  • Three Days of the Condor
    "Three Days of the Condor was shot way back in 1975. Yet this tale of CIA-inspired lunacy fits today's political reality like a glove."
  • Tina - All The Best - The Live Collection
    "This DVD was created as a companion for a special career 'Best Of' CD compilation. Die-hard Tina Turner fans will have it all already. "
  • To Have and Have Not
    "When Bogart meets Bacall, the screen sizzles and the celluloid starts to melt, as the two lead players slowly fuse together..."
  • To The Manor Born - Series 2
    "Great vintage comedy series -- but where are the special features?"
  • To the Manor Born - The Complete Series One
    "Social one-upmanship runs riot in this British comedy about class warfare. Who will win? The lady with a mouthful of ffffs, or the grocer with the hyphenated name?"
  • Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection: Vol. 7
    "More frantic fun as the perpetually pursued Jerry keeps that important one step ahead of Tom."
  • Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection: Vol. 8
    "Pretty (and pretty violent) animated fodder for the very young or easily-pleased."
  • Tom And Jerry - Whisker's Away
    "Yet more vintage antics as we indulge ourselves in cat-and-mouse games."
  • Topsy-Turvy
    "This is a wonderful movie, drenched in theatrical life and flavour; full of comedy and pathos, and suffused with the wonderful music of that antagonistic partnership of genius, Gilbert and Sullivan."
  • The Trail of the Pink Panther
    "The final Pink Panther movie was made two years after its star, Peter Sellers, had died - and it smells like it."
  • Treasure Island (Remastered)
    "Robert Newton is set to thrill and chill a new generation, as the most deadly, rapacious (and downright loveable) pirate this side of the Spanish Main. "
  • The Treasure of Sierra Madre
    "For Fred Dobbs, finding gold was easy. Keeping it was the hard part..."
  • Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete First Season
    "This show about life above-stairs and in the servants' quarters underneath provides an entertaining, but sometimes disturbing, inside view at the English caste system. "
  • Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Second Season
    "This second DVD volume of Upstairs Downstairs is a worthwhile souvenir of this popular series about life in class-ridden Edwardian England."
  • Viva Zapata
    "Just who is that stranger hiding behind the slanting eyes and fake moustache? Can it be Son of Jor-El?"
  • Wages of Fear
    "For adrenalin-charged thrills, very few films have bettered Wages of Fear. Clouzot was truly 'The Master of Suspense'. "
  • Warming By The Devil's Fire (Blues Film Collection)
    "Fictional autobiography or autobiographical fiction? Either way, this instalment in Martin Scorsese's Blues Film Collection is way too indulgent."
  • We of the Never Never
    "Outstanding true Australian outback drama of how a pioneer woman battled isolation, hardship and prejudice."
  • West Side Story: SE
    "Sensational presentation of an epochal American musical. It's gold, gold, gold!"
  • While You Were Sleeping
    "A saccharine tale of unrealistic love. Viewing it is much like slowly drowning in treacle."
  • White Oleander
    "When love for a child is tainted by a mother's ruthless self-obsession, that child needs to find her own course for survival. It's a courageous course, traced here with great strength."
  • Winchester 73
    "This terrific Western stamped Jimmy Stewart as one of the finest actors in this genre."
  • The Wind In The Willows (1996)
    "Classic Edwardian children's tale dragged screaming into the world of late 20th Century sensibilities. "
  • Witchfinder General
    "There's plenty of gore here, but this is a step above the average slash-flick, and a valuable part of British cinema history. "
  • The Wooden Horse
    "This tells of one of the greatest prison escapes during the Second World War. There's no need for exaggeration here - the facts are remarkable enough."
  • The World Of Nat King Cole
    "In the 1950s, there were only two popular vocalists who ruled the world. One was Frank Sinatra, the other was Nat King Cole, the performer who defied America's racist society. This is Nat's unforgettable story."
  • Wyatt Earp
    "A classic Western about one of the mythic figures of our time."
  • The X-Files - The Truth
    "This 84-minute finale of The X-Files sets out to answer all the unanswered questions. Where was Mulder kept when David Duchovny got tired of playing the role? Are the aliens real? Is the Pope an alien?"
  • Yes Minister - Series 2
    "A devastatingly brilliant chamber-comedy of the ongoing battle between politicians and bureaucrats - with the poor voter the constant loser."
  • Yes, Prime Minister Series One
    "Classic comedy which still stands as one of the finest creations of modern television."
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