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Staff Member  Review Title
Jules Faber   Haibane-Renmei 1 - New Feathers 
Jules Faber   Hairy Maclary 
Paul Dossett   Halloween 
Vince Carrozza   Halloween 8 - Resurrection 
Steve Koukoulas   Halloween H20 
Paul Dossett   Halloween II 
Paul Dossett   Halloween III 
Anthony Clarke   Halls of Montezuma 
Martin Friedel   Hamlet (2000) (Rental) 
Ben Pollock   Hammer Horror Collection 
Anthony Horan   Hammett 
Gavin Turner   Hana-Bi 
Martin Friedel   Hanky Panky 
Jules Faber   Hannibal (Superbit) dts 
Shaun Bennett   Hannibal - CE dts 
Steve Koukoulas   Happy Gilmore 
Chris Hore   Happy Tree Friends - Volume 1 - First Blood 
Paul Dossett   Hard Target 
Shaun Bennett   Hard Times 
Ben Pollock   Hard Word 
Terry Oberg   Hard to Kill 
Chris Hore   Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle 
Michael Sammut   Harry Potter And Prisoner Of Azkaban 
Amy Flower   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 
Terry Kemp   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 
Robert Mack   Hart's War 
Amy Flower   Harvard Man 
Amy Flower   Harvey 
Anthony Clarke   Harvey Girls 
Jules Faber   Harvie Krumpet 
Tony Lai   Haunting 
Jules Faber   Haunting (1963) 
Anthony Horan   Havana 
Amy Flower   He Died With a Felafel in his Hand 
Jules Faber   Head Office 
Vince Carrozza   Head of State 
Martin Friedel   Heaps Cool 
Adrian Turvey   Heart - Alive in Seattle dts 
Amy Flower   Heartbreakers 
Peter O'Connor   Heartland Reggae 
Martin Friedel   Hearts in Atlantis 
Steve Koukoulas   Heat 
Jules Faber   Heat Guy J 1 - Super Android 
Anthony Horan   Heaven 
Michael Chappell   Heaven & Earth (Oliver Stone) 
Anthony Clarke   Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison 
Anthony Horan   Heaven's Gate 
Jules Faber   Heavens Above 
Paul Dossett   Heavy Metal - CE 
Martin Friedel   Hedwig and the Angry Inch dts 
Adrian Turvey   Height of Passion 
Vince Carrozza   Heist 
Anthony Clarke   Helen Of Troy (1956) 
Jules Faber   Helen of Troy (Rental) 
Michael Sammut   Hellboy - DC 
Ben Pollock   Helloween - High Live 
Ben Pollock   Hellsing 1 - Impure Souls 
Jules Faber   Help! I'm a Fish 
Martin Friedel   Her Alibi 
Jules Faber   Hercules 
Martin Friedel   Here On Earth 
Anthony Clarke   Hexagon Tribute Collection - Eliza Fraser 
Amy Flower   Hey Hey We're Monkees 
Jules Faber   Hi-5 - Five Alive 
Martin Friedel   Hi-5 - Hi Energy 
Jules Faber   Hi-5 - It's a Hi-5 Christmas 
Martin Friedel   Hi-5 - Move Your Body/Summer Rainbows 
Martin Friedel   Hi-5 - Music Machine 
Gavin Turner   Hi-5 - Star Dreaming 
Martin Friedel   Hi-5 - Surfing Safari 
Andrew MacLennan   Hideaway 
Amy Flower   High Anxiety 
Adrian Turvey   High Crimes (Rental) 
Terry Kemp   High Crimes: SE 
Gavin Turner   High Fidelity 
Amy Flower   High Heels and Low Lifes 
Anthony Clarke   High Plains Drifter 
Anthony Clarke   High Sierra 
Anthony Clarke   High Society 
Jules Faber   Higher Learning 
Andrew MacLennan   Highlander - 15th Anniversary Edition 
Anthony Horan   Highway (Rental) 
Steve Koukoulas   Highwaymen dts 
Jules Faber   Hilary and Jackie dts 
Anthony Clarke   Hildegarde (Rental) 
Gavin Turner   Himalaya 
Amy Flower   Hip-Hop VIPs 
Anthony Clarke   History Of Rock And Roll 
Adrian Turvey   History of Football - Beautiful Game 
Chris Hore   Hitcher 
Terry Kemp   Hitler - Rise of Evil 
Martin Friedel   Hocus Pocus (Remastered) 
Anthony Clarke   Hoffa 
Martin Friedel   Holes 
Martin Friedel   Holiday in the Sun 
Paul Dossett   Hollow Man - CE 
Terry Kemp   Hollywood Sign (Rental) 
Vince Carrozza   Holy Man 
Adrian Turvey   Hombre 
Amy Flower   Home Fries 
Jules Faber   Honey dts 
Jules Faber   Hoodlum 
Steve Koukoulas   Hook - CE 
Vince Carrozza   Hooper 
Jules Faber   Hope Springs 
Martin Friedel   Horse Whisperer: SE 
Jules Faber   Horseplay 
Vince Carrozza   Hot Chick 
Amy Flower   Hot Pursuit 
Jules Faber   Hot Shots Part Deux 
Martin Friedel   Hours 
Adrian Turvey   House 
Adrian Turvey   House 2: Second Story 
Adrian Turvey   House 3 
Adrian Turvey   House 4 
Adrian Turvey   House Collection 
Anthony Clarke   House Of Eliott - Series 1 
Ross Coulson   House of Cards Trilogy 
Jules Faber   House of Games 
Paul Dossett   House of Sand and Fog 
Vince Carrozza   House of Wax 
Vince Carrozza   Houseguest 
Andrew MacLennan   Housesitter 
Martin Friedel   How Good is That? 
Martin Friedel   How Green Was My Valley 
Ben Pollock   How High dts 
Robert Mack   How the West Was Won 
Martin Friedel   How to Deal 
Terry Kemp   How to Irritate People 
Adrian Turvey   How to Make a Monster 
Jules Faber   How to Make an American Quilt 
Martin Friedel   How to Marry a Billionaire (Rental) 
Gavin Turner   How to Marry a Millionaire 
Anthony Clarke   Howard Hughes - Great Aviator: SE 
Jules Faber   Howling 
Steve Koukoulas   Hudson Hawk 
Gavin Turner   Hulk dts 
Gavin Turner   Hulk: CE dts 
Amy Flower   Human Body 
Amy Flower   Human League - Very Best Of 
Jules Faber   Human Nature 
Anthony Horan   Human Traffic 
Terry Oberg   Hunchback of Notre Dame II 
Andrew MacLennan   Hunted (1995) 
Jules Faber   Hunted (2003) 
Jules Faber   Husbands and Wives 
Adrian Turvey   Hustler 
Jules Faber   Hypnotic 

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